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Friday, March 24, 2017

Cover Reveal: "Twelve Tiny Truths" by M. Dauphin and H.Q. Frost

Twelve Tiny Truths

By M. Dauphin & H.Q. Frost

Book Trailer: https://youtu.be/85stcniiNT8

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34671662-twelve-tiny-truths

Reader Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1587699278151736/

HELP TRAVIS GO WORLDWIDE: https://goo.gl/forms/kN4f4xYOdj5IQKh73


I'm Charlie, and these are my truths:
1) I should have been a doctor
2) One stupid decision changed my life
3) My best friend, Frankie, kept me sane when I thought I'd crumble
4) A new career running a dating website helped save me
5) Steady routine and burying myself in work became everything
6) A drunken dare on a boring night caused a spark in my routine
7) Cherry pie and a deep, sexy voice made the spark ignite
8) A date at the movies and country songs made me swoon
9) His kind heart, affection, and faith in me made me fall in love
10) The secrets he kept broke my heart
11) Good friends helped me understand his reasons
12) Unexpected circumstances threaten to ruin my life
....Travis has his own truths.


“Seriously though, Charlie. I think it’s time you get out there. Play the room. There’s tons of cute guys in here tonight.”

“No,” I state firmly. Finding a random guy to fuck takes way more effort than I have to put forth.

“Fifty dollars.” I take a sharp breath at Frankie’s insane wager. She knows I love to gamble, and I hate her so hard right now for putting money on this.

“Oh damn, did she just bet you fifty dollars?” Kevin asks, setting our glasses in front of me.

“Why yes, Kevin the Intern, she most fucking did just bet me.”

“Shiiit.” He laughs. “What’s the bet?”

“Grab the next man that walks by and pretend to know him. Smile, laugh, and touch him. Touch him like you know him.”

Kevin laughs and Frankie nudges me. I clench my drink as I bring it to my lips. It’s been a long time since I touched a guy in any other way than friendly.

“Fifty bucks is a hell of a deal just to talk to a guy, Charlie,” Kevin states loudly. “Don’t be a pansy.”

I take a deep breath and spin towards Frankie. Grinning, I open my purse and slide out a pair of reading glasses, throwing them on.

"What the fuck are those for?” She laughs. “Charlie, why the hell do you have those?”

“Why the fuck not is the question you should be asking me.” I adjust the accessory on my face. Every girl needs a cute pair of glasses in their life. Sure, I've had these since high school, but they're cute!

“Kevin, our girl’s lost her damn mind.”

Kevin chuckles from across the table. "She's not gonna do it."

“I’m doing it," I blurt, "And I’m doing it right now. Now… which one?” I hum and spin towards the exit of the booth.

“NOW!” Frankie blurts, shoving me out of my seat and directly into the arms of a very hard body.

“Oof!” I slam into him, then stand straight and smile. “Hah, sorry about. Oh god! Steven?! Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in forever!” I grab ahold of his arm and things tingle inside me when my fingers grasp his very muscular bicep.

"Uh... hey..." His hands are on my wrists like he's actually preventing me from falling. It's probably a good thing, too. Those drinks have done a number on my balance.

"It's so good to see you again!" I let out a laugh and all my focus goes to where our skin is touching. Damn. "So…uh.” I giggle and flip my hair. It's surprisingly easy to play the 'flirting' card with this stranger. "How have you been?"

"God... I'm sorry. Do we know each other?"

"Oh, Steven, you're so funny! Always the trickster." I give his chest a light pat and sigh. "You never change, do you?"

"Um." His deep laugh resonates through me and I grin as he starts to talk again. "I'm not much of a trickster. And my name's not Steven. But your friend Steven has got to be an awesome dude if we look similar. It's the tattoos isn't it? And, um, your glasses..." His hand comes in contact with the frame of my glasses and I inhale while he fixes them. Is that smell…cherries? "I think you knocked them loose with your stumble there. All set." His hands fall and I sigh audibly.

Good lord. Who would have thought the scent of cherries could be such an aphrodisiac?

"Thanks." I bring my fingers up to the rims of the glasses and smile. "Damn things never work right anyway." Suddenly I’m feeling way too awkward to be standing here and everything feels like it's spinning. "I'm sorry I mauled you. Can't say I regret it though." I let out a giggle and wobble a bit.

He chuckles. "Me either. So, uh, I'm not Steven, but I'm Travis, and..." He shifts and I can't hear what he says as he mumbles something about a friend. "I got a few minutes," he says coming close again. "Can I get you a drink?"

I smile and just as I'm about to accept, Frankie barges in. "Jesus, Charlie! Leave you alone for a minute and I almost lose you for the night!" Her arm wraps around mine and I try not to seem annoyed. She's the one that wanted me to do this anyway, and now she's intervening?!

"Hey." I paste on a smile. "Sorry, I thought I recognized this gentleman."

Frankie scoffs at my words and laughs. "Well, you must have been dead wrong. Fuck, are you blind woman?! We don't associate with men that look like him!" Her head comes to rest on my shoulder and I close my eyes, taking a deep breath.

"That's rude, Frankie," I sigh.

"And what do I look like?" His voice is cocky and I like it. "Her friend Steven?"

"Hah! No, my sir. You look like nothing but trouble." Frankie clicks her tongue. "The ink, the attitude...that grin. Nope. Trouble. I bet you have it spelled out on your knuckles."

"I didn't have an attitude until you came along, lady. Sorry I'm not your friend Steven." He touches my arm. "You have a good night."

I reach out and grab his arm before he can walk away. "I'm really sorry about my friend," I insist, feeling mega embarrassed.

"Girl friend, Charlie. Lord." Frankie states, twisting her hand in mine. I shake my head and growl. "Come on, babe. He's gone," she mutters. "Not a good pick, man. Not. At. All."

As we turn to sit back down, Kevin's talking to some girl and she sounds like a bimbo. Great.

I'm still stunned by fake Steven. That voice. It wasn't like the hesitant men in the area I've been listening to nonstop lately. It was confident and clean with a little grunge to it. And tattoos? Yes please. Jesus, why can't all of our clients be like him? I'd have a much easier time matching people.

New Release: "Peacock" by Esther E. Schmidt

PEACOCK (The Faults Of Our Sins)
By Esther E. Schmidt.
Hosted by Jo&Isalovebooks Blog.

Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt

Release: March 24th 2017


Going in blind is a rookie mistake. With my years of experience, you would think I should know better by now. I'm always the capable one that can handle anything that's thrown my way, until Karma throws me off my game.
My Karma comes in the form of a woman and she has to be payback for all the shitty things I’ve done in my life. Not just any woman but one who is determined to self-destruct. This woman is clearly going to be my downfall. Leaving me to find myself not only losing my heart, but risking my life in the process.
There’s no other option than to claw our way through dilemmas that might leave the both of us wondering if our next breath could be our last. We relish in the fact that we’ve got nothing to lose, because let’s face it… The faults of our sins will catch up with us in the end.
**This steamy, dark and twisted, standalone romance is not for the faint of heart. You’ve been warned.**


(RRP. $2.99)

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Karma...I need to grab her and behead the metaphoric bitch. Some might say I had it coming. Me? I’ve looked over my fucking shoulder at every turn. So yeah, I guess my time was up. 

“Proud of yourself, Karma?” It’s also the nickname I gave the woman who was thrown into my life. She fucking earned it on the very first day we met, because she has to be some form of payback for all the shitty things I’ve done in my life.

I pin the woman with my deadliest glare and all she does is smirk. She takes her time to glance over the room. "Pretty much, yes." 

A few minutes ago, I almost had a heart attack. And it’s her fault. I was standing in the shower when I heard a gun go off. A whole fucking clip. Empty. Now I'm standing in my shot to fuck bedroom, naked, with water dripping down my body. My chest is still fucking pounding and I feel like an idiot.

Did I mention that this is only her second day here? I'm the fucking head of a large gang. Sometimes I lead a meeting where a bunch of gangs get together to discuss problems that involve all of us. Some may call it a syndicate, but I call it a group meeting. A few weeks ago, we had a problem with an out of town gang that was making waves. An uprising if you will. We’re talking snuff movies type of shit. We had to handle that situation quickly, that meant we needed intel. 

The only way to get that kind of information was to work with a guy who works for favors. You can guess what’s coming next, right? Yeah, that fucking favor just emptied my gun inside my fucking bedroom. 

@ Esther E. Schmidt - Peacock (The Faults Of Our Sins)

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"Peacock" coming 2017

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Swamp Heads Series
Novella, Romance, Standalone, INSTAlove

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Esther E. Schmidt, author of Areion Fury MC, Broken Deeds MC, The Dudnik Circle series, and The Swamp Heads series. She’s a graphic designer that also loves to write. She released her first series “Areion Fury MC” in October 2015. Esther lives in The Netherlands with her family, three daughters, a crazy bulldog and four rats. She loves to write erotic Romance about bad boy Alphas with a heart for only one woman. To make it a bit interesting, that woman needs to be a badass herself. She loves to work out and most of her story lines come from doing cardio.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Where oh where has this abibliophobiac gone?

I feel like I need to address the elephant with the purple polka dotted tutu in the room….

Some or most have noticed my lack of “presence” either online or with my duties for my various projects. I’ve kept a lot to myself and there is a ton more that I will continue to keep to myself. Most know me as the fun loving Shani who posts all sorts of random stuff, over shares at times, and generally enjoys life. That’s still me, but I’ve taken some quiet time in the last six months. I feel like it’s time to just throw some things out there and ask that you please take a moment to read this and respect it.

My life has changed quite a bit in the last few months. My family is going through a very trying time (to put it mildly) and we’re all trying to adjust. I have 3 teenagers and let me tell you, NONE of that is easy! It’s even harder when your family is separated. Chris and I are no longer together and it’s taken a toll on me physically and emotionally. I didn’t really understand how deeply until this last round of me being sick came up. As hard as it is, things are already better in a lot of respects. It’s not easy no matter how long you’ve been together (18 years, married nearly 17), how many kids, pets, clothes, ghosts, aliens (running for humor here!) you have. In the end it hurts. It hurts a lot more when you’re someone like me who doesn’t take change or failure easily. Not to sound too cliche on the topic, but we really do love each other and it’s for the best. No matter what happens, we have to make things right between us FOR our kids. We’re trying to stay friends and to make it right. In the end our babies are the only ones that matter. 

With trying to keep up with work stuff, projects, the kids stuff, the holidays, bills, job loss, my separation, trying to communicate effectively with Chris, all of the housing issues. it wore me down. We had finally hit a level of “things are going to be ok” finally and me really believing it when I got hit with a bad cold suddenly. Maelynne had it first and it knocked her down so hard she was sick for two weeks. It knocked me down hard enough that I felt like I’d been hit by a massive boulder. I have other health issues (including Fibromyalgia) that has been hit as well. The amount of pain I’ve been in for the last two weeks was bad enough I had to get checked out. It’s not an easy thing to deal with when you feel “ok” as it is, but thrown in with everything else it got me pretty hard. I’ve always been open about the disorders/diseases I’ve had to live with. I’m not ashamed by them. But I’m ashamed in myself at how bad things got to me suddenly. Because I knew I had to slow down and trying to relax, and I kept on going and going. Maybe this was the “wake the hell up you idiot” moments that I needed. My visit to the doctor this week helped things clear a bit more along with just things at home. 

I’m not going to go into a whole lot more about what’s going on in my life, because it doesn’t really need to be said. What does need to be said is, “I’m sorry.” Why? Because I’ve let others down. People I work with, those who I’ve hurt or caused issues with due to my absence. Because I haven’t been able to pull myself far enough up out of the mess to get a better grip on things. It’s not fair to anyone around me, to my family especially.

That’s why I wanted to address this flat out so I can move on and get myself back into a better flow of things. My life has never been an easy one that’s for sure. With my focus snapped back into some sort of chaotic order (the one that works for me that is!) I feel like I can get to a better path. I plan on getting back to work stuff next week but slowing down to a better level. I’m not going to take on too much and end up hurting myself even more. I need to bring that part of me back that has gotten lost in the last few months under the strain of the chaos. I’m working on it, and all I can do is ask that ya’ll be patient with me as I sort things out and get organized better. My goal is for Monday to come and I’ll be back with my checklists, a schedule for myself and a better sense of self in general. 

Thank you for taking time to read my little update and for being understanding. I know not everyone will accept this or understand. That’s ok, I’ve done what I should have done before and laid it out there. Now, all I can do is move forward and find some peace as I tackle this next chapter of my life. HA...chapter...get it? Bookish stuff...books...Crazy Shani….ahahahahah

Ok yeah, Bookish, Crazy, Neenja master, Looney Shani is on a come back! Can ya tell? :)

Thank you so much to all of you for your love and support.

Cover Reveal: "Own It" by M. Dauphin!

M. Daupin

Cover design: Inked Imprints

Release Date: Early April, 2017

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/34105963-own-it

Book trailer:


You know what sucks? Cancer. Cancer sucks.

Especially when it takes a young life. Like the life of my five year old son. You want to know what I have to say about that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing because I don’t have the drive anymore. There’s nothing left in me except emptiness. That much is obvious. I’ve lost my car, my career, and my apartment. At least I have my brother. Actually, I just have a place to stay because of my rich, single brother.

I’m struggling to find purpose again. After what life’s shown me it can do to a person, I really don’t care if I’m breathing anymore.

I am, but barely.

Then Jett Voss showed up and it’s like he’s an oxygen mask I don’t need or want.

She’s got no cares left in the world and I’m determined to resuscitate her heart.

It was a one-night stand that connected us. She only had one want that night, and I took care of it. I’m not stopping there though. I may have not known her before her heartbreak, but I know there’s life inside of her still.

I will find it.

That means I need to stick around town for a while. I guess I don’t have many other options. I’ve just been forced to run a company I never wanted and I’m a little bitter about it. The circumstances of why this fell into my lap makes it the hardest. Death is a cruel reality. My bike shop, occasionally the open road, not answering to anyone... this is the life I was living and wanted.

It’s insane what one look, one night, one person can change in you.


“Have you seen my clo-” the second the words start to flow from my mouth I remember it all very vividly. My eyes go wide with the realization that I will, literally, have to wear this sheet home. “Shit.” I whisper, locking eyes with Jett again.

Damnit, he’s like a trainwreck- I couldn’t look away if I wanted to!

“I have some shit you can throw on. I’ll get it back from you later,” he says, shrugging and piling bacon on a plate. He slides it across the island to me and I stare at it, suddenly ravished.

“Thanks,” I say, surprising even myself that I want to eat this entire plate. “Do you have cof-” He slides a cup across the countertop and grins at me.

“Cream?” He’s holding up the creamer and I nod, shoving more bacon into my mouth.

We sit in silence, every now and then he’ll toss more bacon or toast on my plate. Finally, when the bacon is gone and I’m on my third cup of coffee, I’m done.

“I swear I’m not a fatass.” I groan and stretch, almost forgetting about the sheet wrapped around me. When it starts to slip I panic and tug it up, standing from my stool to tighten it.

“Don’t be modest around me. You weren’t last night.” He takes his coffee cup and walks to the living room, leaving me standing in the kitchen super confused as to what today is.

Typically, a one night stand ends in the wee hours of the morning when I sneak out of the guy’s house and back into my room before my brother notices. Not that I should care if he knows or not… but I do. This, though? This is different than anything else. The only thing I know about this guy is his name is Jett and he keeps his place clean. That’s it! And I actually feel comfortable around this guy? I do… I think I’m going mental.

“Hey… uh…” I look down to the shredded dress on the floor and take a breath, giving myself a moment to mourn a sexy dress that is no more. I glance up and he’s sitting on the couch watching me with heated eyes, probably replaying ripping it off me last night.

“You ok?”

“I… uh… I think I need to head home,” I mutter, not sure if I even believe my words.

“You feeling better?” He asks from his spot on the couch, not making a move to grant my request.

“Yea. Thanks.” I nod, tucking my hair behind my ear. “So uh… if you have some shorts and a t- shirt... I can get them back to you. Or mail them. Or something.” Why am I being so awkward right now?

“Absolutely. On one condition, however,” he says, standing and walking over to me. He stops just short of running into me, his body so close I can smell his cologne, and wonder when he had time to smell so delicious this morning.

Or maybe that’s his normal smell?

“And what’s that?” I ask, way too breathily for my liking. He smirks and his hand comes to my cheek, cupping it, and looking straight into my eyes.

“Have dinner with me tonight to return them. Let me buy you food as a token of my apology for ruining that dress.”


Stalk M. Dauphin!

M. Dauphin author page: www.facebook.com/authormdauphin

M. Dauphin website: www.mdauphin.com

M. Dauphin reader group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1587699278151736/

M. Dauphin newsletter: http://eepurl.com/bQORo1

Friday, March 10, 2017

New Release: "Willing Redemption (Willing Surrender #3) by Carrie Hogle

Willing Redemption (Willing Sacrifice #3)
Carrie Hogle
Contemporary Romance
Available March 10th, 2017

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James and Reina are two sides of the same coin. They stoke each other’s passion and soothe each other’s souls. Neither can resist the balancing magnetism between them. Yet like the sun and moon, fate seems intent on keeping them apart. Will their undeniable bond of love be enough to weather the storm or will they forever be chained to a destiny of yearning?

*Contains an Alpha male, explicit sex, light bondage, witty banter, lifelong friendships & plenty of coffee!

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Author, Designer, Paranormal Fan, 
Coffee Lover & Eccentric Extraordinaire. 
Dark one moment and pink sugar the next. 
For an earth sign, I'm kind of random.

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Cover Reveal: "Dare to Love" By Amanda Kaitlyn

Please join us for the festivities during our cover reveal event!

When: 03/01/17 starting @ 3:00 P.M. Eastern!

Thank you to the following authors for stopping by to share with us!

6PM- Kerri Ann

A very special thank you goes out to Melissa Gill for the spectacular cover!
Check out her group on Facebook!

One moment. 

One moment changed my life forever.

Her big green eyes looked at me and I knew I would never be the same. 

But sometimes in life, the things you want are the ones that stand just out of reach. 

The pain her loss in my life caused was indescribable. 

Hot, piercing pain that in all of my fourteen years of living, I had never experienced. 

I remembered her. 

Every day. 

Every bad date my friends pushed me into. 

Every lonely holiday I spent without her to talk to. 

Until I saw her. 

And I found her all over again. 

My father always told me that love snuck up on you when you were least expecting it. 

That’s what happened with her. 

Charlie was my girl from that moment on and I would do anything to protect her. 


Amanda Kaitlyn is an author of seductive, edgy romance. She is a hopeless romantic at heart. Books by Kristen Proby, Kelly Elliott and Stephanie Meyer have influenced her writing. One thing that inspires her is music. Country, pop, rock, Amanda enjoys it all. As a young girl, she loved fairy tales. As she grew up she realized that these stories change. Love isn’t always perfect and the fight of that love is what urges her to write the stories she does. Between the pages of her books you will find real, heartfelt romance, rugged emotion and lots of steam.

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