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Friday, July 15, 2016

Book and Cover Review: "Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest" by S.A. Jeffers

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As promised, I am starting to review the covers of each book I read. I will link to the artist when available!

Book Cover Review:

Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest - S.A. Jeffers (author) and Catherine Straus (Illustrator)
Cover Artist: Catherine Straus

First Impression: The moment I saw “Pacific Northwest”, I was hooked. I know, cheesy right? Well as I have spent my whole life in this beautiful area I relish in the positives someone takes from it and creates something special. I thought it was clever the way Mr. Bigfoot’s feet were included in the title in place of a letter. It’s cute and welcoming.

Positives: The very fact that Mr. Bigfoot himself looks cute and approachable is a huge plus. As this book is geared towards younger children, it helps them to connect to it without fear. I mean even as an adult, I wouldn’t want to see him depicted as a scary monster! As someone who actually does rely on covers partially for my book choices, that’s something that I love and wish more people would take attention to.

Negatives: I’m starting to think I need to come up with a different word than “negative” for something like this. Because it’s not meant to be a rude statement you know? These are really negatives as much as improvement descriptions. HA….that sounded totally cheesy! Anyway, I think if the font was maybe a solid or a gradient, it would have been more eye-catching. But in the same respect, it does draw the eye quickly with the font shape and the feet. If you love the Pacific Northwest though, you grasp the connection between the choice of graphics in the font. I’m not sure about the white background as the backdrop. Yes, it pulls the focus to Mr. Bigfoot, as it should. But it can be a bit glaring. A simple softened “painted” type texture might be an improvement. Forgive me, I work with digital graphics and digital scrapbooking so I tend to think in those respects.

Purchase likely?: I would say yes. Regardless of my improvement suggestions, I would pick this book up. My oldest daughter is 16 and actually works with younger children with her GS Troop as well as babysitting. She told me as well that she liked Mr. Bigfoot and his gentle expression.

I give the cover a 4 out of 5 stars!

Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest - Book Review:

By now you know, I’m a PNW lover. I’ve lived in Washington and Oregon my entire life. I love it here! Yes, I’ve heard just about every joke there is about Washington weather in my lifetime. I often get questions about various popular places and if I’ve been there. I complain sometimes about the insanity of our weather. But when it comes down to it, this is my home and always will be. I said once that I’d never leave Washington again after I spent a year in Oregon. It’s just my home! So the fact that this awesome book is a part of the land that I love (ah see what I did there?), I was intrigued!

Right away, the illustrations in the book had me. There is so much to look at on each page! The scenes were beautifully displayed with what looks like several different art mediums. Or perhaps that’s just me. I had originally started out reading it with my brightness all the way down on my kindle. I was nose to screen with it before I realized I needed to change it. Once I did that, WHAM! It was so much better! I loved how the pages that did have dialog rhymed in a way that was catchy and cute. It’s important for young readers to be engaged in what they see. With the stimulation between the illustrations and the phonetics in the story, it gives it that added bonus of teaching a child something more. If you think about it, aren’t there certain things you remember more easily because it rhymed? For example, righty righty, lefty, loosey. I still use that when I’m trying to figure out which way things go. Oh and it might just be me again, but the dialog seemed to give snippets of information not only educationally about Mr. Bigfoot but also a clue to our journey. You’ll just have to get it and read it to see what I mean!

As I dug into the book and started on my journey to find Mr. Bigfoot I found myself talking to my kindle. Yes me, the maniac that talks to her books. I couldn’t help it! Just wait, you’ll see what I mean! As I went through pages forward and back again several times I would catch different things within the illustrations that caught my eye. For instance, the detail to the forest and even to the fish. Regardless of the perspective of certain scenes, it was done in a way that flowed well. Also as I was doing this and yapping at Petunia (my kindle’s name by the way) my children became intrigued. Mind you, they’re very used to the fact that I talk to things. But tonight, they had to know. So I ended up with my 16-year-old daughter on one side and my 15-year-old son on the other side looking at the book with me and we giggled and talked about it collectively. For me, that’s such a major positive. I had to argue with my son good-naturedly about if I would finish it or just give it to him to look at! Now that is epic.

The only possible negative I could say is, I kind of wish the very last page was in the beginning without the extra info. Again, you’d have to read it to understand.

Over all, I enjoyed it. It was cute, fun and opened up yet again another opportunity for me to connect with my kids with a positive and even a bit educational conversation. For that, I'm eternally grateful. It’s not always easy to do with teenagers! I encourage you to go check this book out, regardless of your age. In my honest opinion, there is a lot more to it as a whole than you would expect. In fact, I’ll be snagging Petunia (again my kindle's name, don’t judge me! Hee hee) away from my youngest daughter soon so I can go back over the journey!

I am both impressed and appreciative of Mr. and Mrs. Jeffries as well as Ms. Straus for creating an entertaining and interesting book. Thank you to all of you as well for the opportunity to read and review the gift of this book so that I could leave an honest opinion.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!

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