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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Book and Cover Review: Brokenhearted by Brooklyn Taylor

Welcome to my review! I have started something new as you can see. I will be reviewing the cover art as well as the book. It’s a great way to support the artists as well as the authors. Thanks for checking it out!

Cover Art Review

Book Title: Brokenhearted by Brooklyn Taylor

Cover Artist: Alora Kate of Sweet Lush Photography! contact her directly with your questionsa and orders!

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

First Impression: The squares can be a little distracting, but make sense given the title. I think there could be some minor changes done. Maybe a mix of black and white on the photo along with the coloring. I loved the couple on the front. They add just that hint of what the story is about if you had no clue in the first place. Once I read the book and went back and looked at the cover, they fit the characters perfect. Overall I think it’s pretty good!

Purchase likely?: I would say yes. Because it would catch my eye by the design naturally and I would pick it up to read about it. I’m a visual person so I automatically look at covers first. If the cover or the binding/spine graphics catch my eye, I’ll pick it up.

My Star Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Book Review

The very first book of Brooklyn’s I read was, Finding me. That was a few months back and I had won it along with my Twinny Shannon (Same name, too much alike friend.) in a giveaway Brooklyn had done. I was hooked. It had been my number one favorite book of hers. Until I read Brokenhearted. She had asked me to read it and review it as I always do. I had not been prepared for many parts of the book to affect me in the ways it did. She really has such a fantastic and intriguing ability to bring you into the world her characters live in and engage in their lives.

As I started to read about Trevor and Ryann I was immediately intrigued. Brooklyn eludes right off the bat to there being something in Trevor's past that has made him feel closed off and convinced him that he doesn't have the ability to love. He can’t offer what any good woman deserves. All the love and dedication as well as adoration that they deserve. It made my heart melt at the same time of being frustrated with him. He’s a country boy at heart and is returning home after many years of throwing himself into his work and hiding from his past and even a few that love him. He mourns for the loss of his first love and it’s partially what has kept him away from where he should have been for so long. He allowed his own anger and broken down parts of his heart rule him and take him away. When he’s called home and finds a position at the hospital close to his parents, he’s having to face all of that again and then some. He questions how he is going to be able to compartmentalize his life enough to keep the old stuff away. Can he do this? He thinks he can until some of the rocks start to tumble from the cracked stony boulder that covers his heart. Until the day he meets Ryann.

Ryann is such a strong and devoted character. She hasn’t always had an easy go with things. Being raised by a single mother who worked herself to the point of endless exhaustion, she knew she had to make her life different. There was a point she wanted more from life than just working. But life happened and that all changed with the appearance of a man who shattered her fragile heart. When he started changing and treating her horribly and damaging their relationship with so many things, she gave up a lot. She even gave up some of her selself-worthhe had to gather the courage to say enough is enough and to kick him away and begin again. She did that and she’s happy for the most part. She has the home she always wanted that she worked so hard for. She has a job she loves regardless of what anybody thinks, she has friends and goals. She also has her love of animals that occupy her down time. She really feels good about her life. Or does she? She thought she had it where it should be until the day she met Trevor.

Their initial meeting is the typical one of course. In a bar, with friends, and emotions all over. But that’s not where the connection begins. I felt like it did when Trevor went home and saw her helping her Aunt with the horses. One of the most powerful quotes of the book for me is where he talks about what the animals mean to him. It speaks volumes about him and his relationship with his parents. For Ryann, she knows how they need to heal. Having been through as much as she had, she wants to heal them like they have her. Once she starts talking to Trevor she feels deeply for him and she knows that he needs to heal. Forgive himself, forgive his father and forgive the one person that caused the heartache. He is so confused on what he feels anymore. Coming home wasn’t easy for him, but it’s even harder as he faces so much more heartache than he ever imagined. How can he figure out how to include Ryann in his life?

Trevor has to learn forgiveness before he loses everything. He has to change his connections with those who love him. Ryann needs to remember that she is so strong and brave. She deserves a happy life, regardless of what an abusive jerk has done or said.Together along with the loved ones they need to finish their story.

This isn’t just a book to be read, but rather a journey of healing and love for two complex souls. Live their journey with them and you’ll feel every emotion. You may even find a piece of you has healed as well!

Creative adoration (positives): I LOVE that Brooklyn included more about some of the supporting characters than I was expecting in this book. Just as I was asking some questions (yes, out loud TO my kindle. No judging! Ha ha) about someone or the situation, I had the answer quickly. The details are there that I felt is needed in order to bring some closure for the characters and the readers.

Creative indifference (negatives): For once, I don’t have any major ones. Go figure! Usually I say something about wanting more out of the supporting characters (yes, I’m so freaking nosy) but Brooklyn really took the time and effort to add in the bit of extra. Whether intentionally or not, I appreciate that. The only other thing I’d say is I was so MAD at a few of the characters at different times. I’d still like to punch them in the giblets!

Creative appraisal (overall): This has become my new favorite of Brooklyn’s. The emotions that she brings out in each book is always appreciated and I find such joy in that. But this one, woooooweeeee….. It got me. I can honestly tell you that the characters are ones that stuck with me. It’s funny how much reading a book can bring so much to your life. She wrote these characters that were real, raw and true. With a sense of depth and complexity that had you wondering…..

Expect to have your emotions cued up by this fabulous read!

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars! I’d give 5 million, but of course the man is trying to keep me down and won’t let me! (Just kidding folks, a bit of crazy Shani humor there!)

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