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Monday, July 4, 2016

Book and Cover Review: "A Chance With Spring" by Alora Kate

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Hey all! One of the things I have decided to start doing along with the regular book review is doing a cover review. Now, as an avid maniacal reader, I love covers. If it catches my eye, I’m picking it up or clicking on the description online. A cover is a peek into what the book is about in my opinion. If it flows with the title, the blurb, etc., then it has the chance to end up in my hot little crazy hands. I’m a cover ho’. I admit it. I’m not ashamed of it either! With that said, I have many friends who are cover artists and I realize that they don’t always get the same attention as authors. So that is what I shall be doing now as well!

A Chance With Spring - Cover Review

Cover Artist: Alora Kate

First impression:
The font I think was a very good choice and I love that she used green. It goes with Spring as a character so well (appearance, season, personality) and after you read it you get that. It gives you a better appreciation for the cover art in my opinion. I loved that she used a model that is tattooed. I’m not sure if she added them or if he had them. However, it looks real. I have a pet peeve about tattoos that are added but aren’t blended right. I can’t help it, I do work with graphics so I’m picky. But that’s not even important right now. Focus Shani!

Positives: I would say for sure the model is a positive, the font and what I mentioned before. I liked the backdrop being dark because it gives you more of a focal point on the title and the hottie on the cover.

Negatives: I know there was a reason for perhaps removing part of the hottie with the bodies face, but I think it’s too sharp of a cut. If it had been “misted” or “faded” it would have made more sense. Maybe an overlay of some kind of the dark backdrop. But I do happen to know this was an earlier cover for the artist and considering that, it’s pretty great.

Purchase likely?: I’d say yes. Because if it’s got a hottie all tatted up on the front I’d get it just to stare at. What? I’m human! But seriously, I’d pick it up and it would catch my eye, there for reading the blurb would come next.

4 out of 5 stars

A Chance With Spring Book Review:

When I had chatted with Alora the other day we discussed the different characters and whom I liked the most. At the time it was Fall because I connected with him and understood him the most. Well, she warned me Spring was different than the others. Heck yes she is! I’m sorry Fall, but I think I like your sister a little better now…..

This is the third book in the Four Seasons Trilogy. At the time, it became my favorite. To recap a little, this trilogy follows the stories of four siblings. Yes, they are named for the seasons! If you go to her site, amazon, etc. you can find the listing of the books in order. They’re marked clearly. know, it seems a little “eye ball rolling” worthy at first. I giggled, but thought it was rather creative. Because it is different from what you expect. Which is another reason why I adore the series.

One thing I have picked up with each book is, their names fit their personalities in many ways. I eluded to this in one of my other reviews as I wasn’t sure if it would be a re-occurrence. For example, Fall has a stormy soul. He has faced a harsh reality and trauma that has changed him. Just like the actual season, things change quickly. It can be a cool and beautiful day and a storm rolls in. I have to say especially if you live in Washington State like me! But back to my point here...Summer also fits her season as she is warm, upbeat and positive. She feels with her whole body and soul, and shares that warmth so to speak. Now Spring, she’s just as feisty as her season. Spring, just like her season is filled with a fierceness that pops out suddenly. After all how many Spring storms have you lived through? Gorgeous weather one minute, sun is shining, birds chirping and then BAM! It’s like Mother Nature got mad and said here, I’m washing it all away! Just like our girl Spring in the book!

So, now that you’re caught up, let me tell you what I thought of it. Spring has always been the opposite of her twin, Winter. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. She wants to have fun and enjoy her life while she is young. Where as she is open minded and carefree, she has her moments of complete shut down. When she’s mad, the world knows it and she has a quick temper. Honestly, Chance is lucky he could calm her down at times. But at the same time, if I were Spring and dealing with the things that happen throughout the book, I might just be a bit pissy too!

Chance and his twin brother Chase own a tattoo shop and it’s everything to them. They’re workaholics who have had to do overcome some seriously damaging moments of their lives. So when Chase wanted to open the shop, he went for it and brought his brother in and showed him the ways of their art. Not to be too corny here, but one day Chance and Spring meet and it was love at first site for Chance. He knew that she was the one and this big brute of a man falls in love so deeply he can’t keep himself going. It’s too cute, and funny. Their connection is quick and runs deep.

But Spring keeps him on his toes. As much steam and fire they have between them chemistry and sexually wise, there is still that last connection Chance so desperately wants from her. The three little words that will connect his world. She knows deep inside she loves him, but how does she say that? How does she keep herself guarded in case he breaks her heart? If she gives up that bit of control on her life, how will it go?

As she’s trying to sort this all out, a blast from Chance’s past shows up and disrupts their fragile world into pieces. I’m with Spring, I would have flipped my lid and then some too. But I probably would have brought out claws! It’s interesting the timing of this person's presence and exactly what she brings to the table. I don’t want to give away too much there, as it’s pretty interesting the twist. I wondered a bit about it, but yeah, read it!

After all that, can Chance get Spring to look deep inside and be true to herself and him? To their love? To even her family? It’s a journey that makes you question emotions for sure.

Positives: This one had a ton more sexy times in it than the others! Wooooo weeeeee! Bring a fan when you read it. You’re going to need it!

Their POV (point of views) alternating helped bring the story full circle once again. You didn’t have to question why one would say or do something, especially if it was dumb.

Once again, my emotions were brought to the surface and even though I got mad at one of the idiotic characters, I appreciated the draw. Bringing out emotions in a reader is what in my opinion, helps make an author successful. It also makes me a return reader.


Again, I’m a nosy bugger and would have liked to see maybe a break off novella of some of the more minor characters in this book. Even though Chances’ past was talked about, it would have been helpful to understand him a bit more in this one. Although, the next one talks about it a lot more.

Overall, a fantastic read. Steamy, sexy, emotional, thoughtful and entertaining. Go check it out and the rest in the series!

4 out of 5 stars!

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