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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Book and Cover Review: Chasing Winter (The Four Seasons Book 4) - Alora Kate

Welcome to my review! I have started something new as you can see. I will be reviewing the cover art as well as the book. It’s a great way to support the artists as well as the authors. Thanks for checking it out!

Cover Art Review

Book Title: Chasing Winter by Alora Kate

Cover Artist:  Alora Kate

Format: .mobi, kindle

First Impression: The overall feel or look of the cover gives off the impression that this perhaps a darker or more serious love story. I think she really paired the book cover with the name perfectly. It’s not even just that it’s black and white, and looks cooler in color. I mean if she had put all sunshine and roses on it, there would be no making sense of it. The focus of it is the woman sitting in front of the window. Everything around her is blurred a little. It’s honestly one of the things I loved about it. If you look, her shoulders and back are in focus a bit more. For me it gives a hint of what this woman’s story is. Especially as it was I read the previous ones in the story. It also alluded to me that this woman has carried a lot on her shoulders and back and for whatever reason has not been able to let go. I know, I “see” something more in art in general than most. I can’t help it! I love when you can go back and look at the covers of books after you’ve read them and really take that second look. You tend to see more than before. Having a good cover means more than just initial reaction.

Purchase likely?: Yes! You don’t always have to go for the big splashy colors for a book. Nor do you have to have flashy in your face font, etc. The simplicity of certain things makes me look more at the woman and ponder so many things. Yes, I would pick this book up and check it out.

My Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Book Review

First let me tell you what I always look for in a description of a book. I look for any “caution” or “ratings” that the author has felt necessary to list. Why? Because I live with many issues that can be triggered easily. A few months back I read a book that had no warning at all. The blurb hinted towards some more “negative” moments. However, I was not prepared for the depth of the beyond “negative” moments. It actually is what stopped me from reading anything more from that author. I couldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt for many reasons. Therefor, I look for disclaimers first. Any author who takes the time to write the disclaimer has even more of my respect. Alora has done that in every book I’ve read of hers. Even if it’s something small. So before you choose to read ANY book, check the disclaimers in the blurb first. Thank you Alora for adding that to your description on Amazon as well as in your book itself. I wish more people would take that time to do that!

Now, on to the good stuff!

This is the final book in the series and follows the final sibling, Winter. Winter is the polar opposite of her twin, Spring. Spring was always the more outspoken one, easily went with the flow and the one people wanted to hang with. She was much more spunky and feisty as well. Winter never had a deep connection with her twin like Chase and Chance did. She always studied hard, had her nose in a book and did what was expected of her. She never had the desire to be like her twin. Their lack of “twin connection” wasn’t something she dwelled on. She was her own person and didn’t want to be compared to anyone. Even though, you can tell she was. I felt for her in so many ways with just that. It’s easy for people to compare you to a sibling or other family member and ask stupid questions or treat you differently. I understood a lot about Winter before I really got into the book more.

In this book, Alora also focuses on Chase who is Chance’s twin brother. Ironically, Chance is in love with Winters sister, Spring. (Can I just insert here how clever the names of these books are? ) Chance has also been the odd one out his whole life. But for him, it was in different ways. Winter had a family that loved her fiercely, even with their differences. Chance only had his brother Chase, and no matter how close you are to someone, life happens. He’s worked hard to be better than what someone expected him to be. He fought hard to shatter the judgments passed on to him. For all that someone might see him as, he’s very complex. I loved him from the get go and felt like he was the perfect match for Winter in just the first few chapters. He has a quiet strength about him. I don’t mean in the physical sense, but in the heart he feels is so damaged. To be completely cheesy, he has a beautiful soul. Heck, they both do! I was so drawn to Chance because of it.

Winter moved into one of the apartments that were above the tattoo shop that Chance and Chase owned. Chase was fascinated by the beautiful young woman who has reached out to him in different ways but denies it. He can see a part of himself in her and the soul she feels is shattered. For the first time in his life, he wants something more. He wants to give himself to Winter and help her to heal from whatever monsters she lives with. He knows in that soft part of his heart that she would heal him too. How can he get through to her? How can he make her understand that nothing she tells him will make him walk away. That she isn’t broken? He has feelings so deep for her but worries he’ll scare her off if he pushes too hard. Instead, he does what he knows will help. He’s just there for her. If she needs him, he wants her to know his door is literally open. He also does little things for her, bring her lunch or go out of his way to say hello. He gets that she’s hurting and he figures even if it’s a little bit, it might make her smile.

Winter has suffered one of the worst traumas a person can go through. Of course, she’s kept it to herself all of these years. As victims so often do, she blames herself and doesn’t talk, doesn’t share her burden. How can she when she knows that the ones who love her will try to take damage away and feel guilty? She thinks she’s saving them all In reality, it only hurts everyone. Her internal pain is horrific and heartbreaking. Why can’t she just leave Chase alone and he her? What is it about him that draws her enough to feel safe? In the most absurd ways she feel safe and even a bit calm around a man who can scares some people and carries scars of his own.

Chase never had it easy. As a child he was dealt an unfair hand and was never set up for success. Instead he was beaten down literally, and figuratively. If it hadn’t been for his brother and his love, he probably wouldn’t have made it this far into this life. He endured because he didn’t have a choice. He couldn’t give up or let the abuser that haunted them win. He was determined to move on from that and at some point live with his own demons. His past is as scarred as his body and his heart. What is it about Winter that speaks to his broken down heart? Why does he feel so protective over her and feel nurtured by her obvious need of him?

Together, they work towards finding the truth about them both. They fight for what they haven’t always had. Peace in their lives. Their journey will come with a whole lot of heartache but also some healing. They find themselves sharing and letting others in. Once the truth is out totally, can they move on?

Creative adoration (positives): Alora tackles some pretty heavy things with this book. Ironically they are things that happen in everyday life but are ignored. Or not spoken about. She took on the task of exposing some of it and made it make sense and healing.

Creative indifference (negatives): I’m not sure I would call it a negative as much as a mixed reaction. Again, these are some seriously heavy topics. Keep an open mind when it comes to this book. It can cause some triggers. It’s different for each person.

Creative appraisal (overall): This story is hands down, the best out of all of the others in this series. It’s eye-opening heartfelt and tragic. Alora has the unique quality that any successful author has. The ability to bring out emotions in a reader. She so did that for me and I found myself understand more about my own past and how I’ve lived with stuff. There is a unique connection between the reader and the story itself. I love this book, and it pulls a lot out of you. Be prepared for that, but be open to what the story project's overall, healing. Love, healing and peace.

My star rating: 5 out of 5

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