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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Book and Cover Review: "The Junkyard Boys" by S.H. RIchardson

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Welcome to my review! I have started something new as you can see. I will be reviewing the cover art as well as the book. It’s a great way to support the artists as well as the authors. Thanks for checking it out!

Cover Art Review

Book Title: The Junkyard Boys by S.H. Richardson

Cover Artist: Alora Kate of Sweet Lush Photography & Premade Covers

First Impression: The title grabs you right away. The difference in both fonts is alike in style but is set off well by the colors. I love the overall texture or “feel” of the cover. It fits the theme well! It also fits as the perfect setting for the Mr. McHottie McGoody Pants that is featured as well. After reading the book I can so see him as the main character of Range. She was able to capture the essence of his overall presence.

Purchase likely?: Yup! You can’t really go too wrong when you add an adonis like man on the front! Although, as a cover snob (You’d be surprised on how many books I give second looks to based on the cover.) for me it’s the overall feel to it. Yes he’s drool-worthy but he fits the background perfectly.

My Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Book Review

I had been going through my FB feed when the book was promoted with the cover. It snagged my attention of course and after reading the blurb I had to snag it up. There was something about both characters that spoke to me. I’d say it has to do with the familiar feelings of being the odd one out, or surviving the darkest moments ever as a child. But it was also about triumph and wanting to learn more about them.

Could you imagine being a child who was ridiculed, abused, cast out and beaten? Sadly a lot of us can say yes. But what does it say about the kid? There are many ways to answer that. For a kid like Range it says he may have started out in a dark place but he has a lot of heart to him beneath the scars, dirt and baggage. I felt so many emotions as I read about him. Having been a kid living through similar things I understood what he was feeling. S.H. was able to create a complex character that has a vulnerability mixed in with his desire to be something more than what the ridiculous people have tried to push upon him. It’s his journey and his path wandering that brings him to Bucks Junkyard and the man who will change his whole existence in just a few short visits.

Range knows that if it hadn’t been for Bucks interference he wouldn’t be alive today. He knows right away that he can trust Buck and isn’t afraid of him. Even though he’s never met him and Buck is gruff and resistant to having him around. For Range it’s a safe haven away from an abusive father and peers. As he grows Buck teaches him so much. He teaches him how to be a man, to work hard and how to fight back when you have to. Range takes all of that in and makes success a major goal. He has the opportunity to change the future that was set before him. But what happens when the past comes back to haunt him? What does he do when he faces the fact he has to be accountable for the more negative moments? Is he capable of love at all?

How many of us are truly the black sheep in your family? What if you started to believe that perhaps you didn’t really belong? Could you imagine the stares and whispers by not only strangers but the very people you’ve been around your whole life? For Clover it’s an everyday occurrence. She’s always been different on the inside from her sisters. She doesn’t have the same looks as them either. Even though she knows the truth of her parentage, it can wear down on a person. Eventually, it gets in and the hurt is there. With that, she keeps to herself. She works, watches classic t.v. all night and sleeping. Get up, and repeat! She doesn’t even have work or school in common with her sisters. She’s the only one with a job and one she loves. What more could she want she has asked herself so many times. Really nothing, maybe just a car. She doesn’t mind her life is uneventful. Until that day…..

The day that Clover and Range meet, it shatters their carefully pieced together world. Love at first sight? Maybe not totally, but amusement and levity for sure! As their relationship progresses they find out more and more about each other. Clover is gifted with the chance to see beyond just the man. Range is gifted with the chance to learn about the woman behind the wall she has resurrected. Once they get past those gifts, what happens now? Can they accept so much of what is happening? Will they be able to fight for each other as well as individuals?

The biggest question is: Is there even going to be time or opportunity to figure it all out now that a blast from Bucks past comes back? How far is this blast going to take things in order to get results? If you want to know all of this for yourself, you’ll just have to read the book!

Creative adoration (positives): I always enjoy a book where the characters have complexities in their past that make them who they are at the present. Even if it’s a character or “heel” (bad guy) that I don’t care for. It at least gives you an idea of what makes them tick. I think S.H. was successful when it comes to the two major characters. Whereas my heart did break for Range, due to where life started for him, I had so much respect for him too. The same goes for Clover in a sense, I understood her so much more than I had expected. Both characters really did speak to me on a certain level with their individual pasts. I enjoyed the fact that it carried all the way through for both.

Creative indifference (negatives): Since I strive to be honest (but constructive and NOT rude like some people…) I have to say that there were points that kind of stalled out for me. They were moments where there was a certain time frame that passed in between events. I’m not even totally sure if that was it or more of the fact that the intense moments slowed. Or it could be where I wanted to know MORE about someone or an incident but it wasn’t there. If you follow my reviews, you know by now that I’m a nosy abibliophobiac and I want to know more about characters or supporting characters sometimes! I can’t help it!

Creative appraisal (overall): I felt like this was a great start to a series. You get the star players within the first book. You’re introduced to some of them that may come in later books. It shows how important it is to start with the first book in a series! It took me on an emotional journey that’s for sure. I don’t want to give too much away right with that. But, as always, if an author can bring out emotion in you as you read their work then it’s worth it all. It’s an awesome read for anyone that loves drama, intensity, some humor, sexy times and heartfelt emotions, then by all means, go grab this one up!

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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