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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Book and Cover Review: "Reaper: A raven paranormal romance (Crookshollow ravens Book 2)" By Steffanie Holmes

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Welcome to my review! I have started something new as you can see. I will be reviewing the cover art as well as the book. It’s a great way to support the artists as well as the authors. Thanks for checking it out!

Cover Art Review

Book Title: Reaper by Steffanie Holmes

Cover Artist: *Pending*

Format: e-book, epub format

First Impression: I loved it! It’s refreshing to see that the characters on the cover look just like the way Steffanie describes them in the book. The whole cover is a perfect accompaniment to the story.

Purchase likely?: Heck yeah!

My Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Book Review

Reaper is finale in the two-part series Crookshollow Ravens series. Yes, I’ve read and reviewed its predecessor and you can find that blog post HERE. I was beyond excited to get my hands on this one! Let me tell you a bit about it….

The story continues with Belinda and Cole fighting for each other and for their love. Just when they both give into the truth of their feelings for each other, chaos erupts. The man who has not only created evil within their community but instigated but pushed, has kidnapped Belinda. He believes she is a portion of the puzzle to what he really wants. He wants Cole to suffer, he wants revenge. Why should Cole go on to be a rogue or with his new master and live? No, he wants Cole to feel every bit of pain and heartache he can before he can even finalize his revenge and get back to his life's work. Work that he feels will give him glory in the end. How creating a rabid flock of ravens will get him glory however, I have no clue! Some people are naturally afraid of our feathered friends so they shy away from them. I’d be lying if I didn’t say after reading this book I haven’t looked around a bit more myself! This guy made me cringe so many times. As I read part of his plotting it gave me the heebie jeebies! You know like when you’re watching a thriller movie and you just know that something big is going to happen? That was how I felt! As much as I wanted to rip his lips off, he scared me too.

As Belinda is held captive in a relatively nice and comfortable “jail”, she reflects on many things. Including how the heck is it that she fell for another man who can literally tear her heart out with one movement. She’s been suffering for so long through the aftermath of what Ethan did to her in the first place. She’s hidden the truths from most everyone, but Cole was able to see through it. She gave him her heart and now Viktor will make her question her bond with Cole. Regardless, she won’t allow him to bully her and break her down. She has her fight plan in progress!

In her plan to fight, she learns as much as she can about what Viktor has been doing in his lab and the aviary. She’s introduced to a few other people. It’s interesting the bit of information Steffanie gives us about them. Like any awesome storyteller, she makes you question what you know up until that point. Does one person's story make you ask yourself things about them? Or is the tidbit of information not even relevant? I’m not telling you! I so wanted to say, “nanny, nanny boo boo” right there! You’re intrigued, right? Belinda also finds these people interesting and is quick enough to gather up information as she now has access to most of the grounds her “jail” sits upon. She takes the time to commit things to memory, to make an escape plan of sorts if for any reason Cole can’t get to her in time. She’s determined to get out of there and share what she knows. She knows so much more than I think Viktor even intended! I was totally Team Belinda all the way! Shoot who am I kidding. I am still!

Cole isn’t going down without a fight. He knows in heart that he can only be a man Belinda deserves if he can get free one way or another. Though he questions his own actions, his heart still speaks to Belinda. He has never felt love outside of his mothers for so long, that he truly believes he’s not deserving. But I think it’s the opposite. He’s sacrificed for his mom, his brother in some ways, and for others that I didn’t even think was possible. He’s given up so much for Belinda by helping her to realize she is worthy of so much more. It’s too bad he feels like he can’t do that for himself. Cole recruits his newfound friends to help him not only help his love escape Viktor but trying to figure out how to break the curse that holds him to his new master. It was awesome to see how much their positive interactions and dedication helped him to heal a bit.

As their story goes on, there is a myriad of emotions that go through them and you. Just like with anything in their small town, nothing comes easy. They’re in for the fight of all fights. What they didn't’ realize was they’re fighting for more than just Cole and Belinda. They’re in a fight to rid the world of an evil dictator, his plan and the rabid birds. Good gravy on a biscuit, just the thought of those birds make cringe!

I found the battle to be intense, creative and downright heebie jeebie worthy. There is so, so much to this whole story! Their journey is fascinating as well as emotional. Who will truly win the battle of the paranormal century? Who will survive? Is there hope? Is there complete loss?Hey I'm not answering that for you! Go read the book and find out for yourself!

Creative adoration (positives): I loved so much about the book. The introduction of other characters in this part of the story was very fascinating and informational. That’s one of the things I love about Steffanie's books (I’ve read five so far) in general. She gives you details and opens your mind up to different things in just the right way. She doesn’t over do it. I was kind of sad to see the book end. But at the same time, happy to know I still had many of her books to read. Some of them are even connected to this series.

Creative indifference (negatives): The only thing was the usual ya’ll see me say. I would like to know more about some of the supporting characters. I’d like to know more about Cole’s brother for example. I’m so nosy about characters! I told a friend I tend to dissect parts of books and their characters to learn more about them.

Creative appraisal (overall): This is a must read book! Not only this particular book or series, but all of the ones related to it. It’s a good idea to read Watcher before this one as well!

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

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