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Friday, August 5, 2016

Book and Cover Review: " Cherry Grove (The Cove Series, #1)" by Leaona Luxx

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Welcome to my review! I have started something new as you can see. I will be reviewing the cover art as well as the book. It’s a great way to support the artists as well as the authors. Thanks for checking it out!

Cover Art Review

Book Title: Cherry Grove by Leaona Luxx

Cover Artist: Cover Luxe Design

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

First Impression: I love the softness of the color scheme on this one. It’s gentle enough that it doesn’t take away from the two people. The background is blurred a little bit, making them the focal point once again. The font for the title caught my eye as well. It’s subtle and the glow makes it beautiful. After reading the book and going back to look at the cover, it matches the characters and their story extremely well.

Purchase likely?:
I would say yes! It’s enough to catch my eye, and with that combined with the blurb would influence my decision.

My Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Book Review

Before I start my review, a little note about the content of the book. There is some sensitive content that may not be suitable to some. So keep that in mind!

Hadlea (Lea) is an amazing character on her own from the get go. She exudes strength, intelligence, wit and love. She also is very guarded and doesn’t look to open up to anyone. I can’t say I’d blame her at all. It’s easier to close off and push others away than to be hurt over and over. It’s worked for her for so many years, so why not now? As she goes through the process of getting her business affairs taken care of and her new home, someone pops into her life and spins it around. A chance meeting on the beach, a conversation that sends over kind vibes but then some insulting ones too have her convinced that it’s better to walk back in her house and shut the door on the man and the feelings he evoked in her. She’s convinced she doesn’t deserve love. But doesn’t she? Hasn’t she faced her demons long enough and accomplished enough to evade them?

Malone (One) is in his own right pretty remarkable. His equally intense likability, bravado, wit and humor are swoon worthy on their own. But then you throw in the fact he faces his own demons and it makes him even more attractive. Like Hadlea, life hasn’t been exactly kind to him. He has been focused on work for so long and his family he hasn’t opened himself up to love again. His ex wife has been a burden on him for the last few years. He married her with what he thought was love only to have it blown to pieces with her crazy actions. She burned him and cracked his heart enough that he has closed the door to love. If he opens that door again, can he heal? His meeting with Lea has sneaking thoughts of what if’s in his mind. What if he made a move on her? What if this could be love again? What if I can’t overcome my own demons?

That’s what the two of them have to figure out then conquer. Their secrets come out one by one and it’s both shocking and intriguing at moments. My heart literally ached for Lea and her confessions about the abuse in her life. Being hurt by someone she loved and then coming to the point of believing what she was a dirty girl like she was a breaking point. She used what she knew as a band aid for the lack of love in her life. It’s really heart wrenching at moments and understandable on many levels. She has her three boys to help her through life and has given her a reason to live and to keep them safe. They’ve helped her to have a reason to fight.

Lea isn’t alone in her misery of her past. One too has to deal with his own secrets. Secrets that involve his ex wife, and she will do whatever it takes to make life miserable for him. But why now, why is she suddenly popping up wherever and whenever? This is more than she used to at it pains One as it seems she’s constantly verbally going after Lea. She doesn’t count on Lea fighting back. An evil man from Lea’s past shows up and adds to the storm. He threatens to hurt more than just Lea. One is determined to battle both people in order to protect Lea and the boys. It’s crazy the extent that some people go through in order to cause havoc! The two negative people aren’t the only ones who are attacking their carefully crafted cage of love! It’s crazy!

Creative adoration (positives): Leaona really pushed abuse into the spotlight. Which is fantastic, especially to the extent she did. Lea didn’t just go through a short time of abuse or one type. She went through a whole slough of mess that can break anybody. It’s something that needs to be talked about more. When it comes to abuse, too many are silent. There needs to be more awareness. It’s part of the reason why I continued to read it. I needed to more about Lea and her past. I felt that connection to the two main characters as well. It’s hard not to when they (character and author) bring out such intense emotions in you.

Creative indifference (negatives): The lack of warning at the beginning or even on the sites was a frustration for me. I felt like there should be something that at least gives a head up to readers. Some have said it takes away from the book then if it’s done. For myself and many others, it’s a small thing that can help us to guard the triggers and not be in shock. It’s the only thing I really think was a frustration. It didn’t take away from the story but it could have added something more. I know that probably doesn’t make sense to some.

Creative appraisal (overall): In the end, they have to struggle a lot. So much so that it’s unimaginable that they should ever truly find love. Regardless of how they feel about deserving each other or their love, they have to forgive themselves for their shortcomings and heal. Lea has to stop pushing One away and accept him. Every time something gets to be too much you can’t push away the one who loves you the most. Do they succeed in this? Either by themselves or together? You’ll have to read it to find out!

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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