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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Review: "Finding Beautiful (The Trinity Series Book 1): by Amanda Kaitlyn

Book Review

****PLEASE NOTE: I have revised my review to reflect the re-release and newly edited version of this book.***

I want to start off with a note of sorts. This book for me was an emotional rollercoaster. I would have liked to have some type of hint either in the blurb or in the books beginning that it contains delicate and mature content. It always helps me to be prepared for it. However, that doesn’t take away from the journey for me.

Finding Beautiful is the first in the Trinity series. I was captured by Aria within a few pages. There are hints towards a trauma that she suffered with right off. That made my heart hurt for her. She’s a true Survivor! When her sister tells her “It’s not your fault”. I lost it. I cried and cried. It’s a few words that any Survivor NEEDS to hear. I loved her and her sister in that moment. The fact that Amanda leads with that, meant a lot to me. It also made me emotionally invested and connected to them.

In her young life she has to face huge obstacles. She’s lost family, lived through hell, and is trying to put everything back together. In the process of this, she’s regaining her confidence in her dancing ability. It was amazing to go through the moments with her as she tried to center her soul and bring some normalcy to her life. What she didn’t expect was to find someone she could connect with again. Her first love left her broken in so many ways. Ways that she’s still working through. How can she love again? What exactly is love? Too many people she’s loved have hurt her in devastating ways. Should she risk her heart?

Gavin has had to step up and take over at a pretty young age. He too has had to face the harsh reality of losing a person or two. He works hard at keeping his father's company running, watching over his younger sister and his mother. It’s a lot to take on no matter your age. But he does it and with determination. It’s one of the things that made me really like him. He has a strong personality but he is caring and attentive. Those are things that Aria needs in her life as well. But can he move past what has happened to him? How he’s suffered? Does he deserve love either?

Throughout their journey of finding love together after a chance meeting, they face so much. Aria breaks down and shares her secret with Gavin. She’s so afraid that she won’t be loved by him anymore if he knows the truth. This is such a common thing for any Survivor to say or feel. How can someone love you when you’re not as perfect as they think you are? Someone from Aria’s past is coming back around and he isn’t happy with the fact she’s moved on. As she begins to work through it one thing or another trips up their progress. The threats of retaliation keep coming and mixes in with the uncertainty of their love. It causes cracks in the armor that they’ve crafted around their hearts together.

Creative adoration (positives): Amanda brings focus to something that is all too common in this world. Abuse of several kinds. I don’t think it’s taken as seriously as it should. People tend to push it away and act as if it’s not their business. Aria was able to share at some point with what happened to her. She used her voice to share and that in turn is huge. Regardless of what these characters (Aria, Gavin and a few others) have been through, they have an abundance of love and emotion. It helps to bring the story together.

Creative indifference (negatives):
Maybe the fact I cried so much? But that's a positive as well. Because you become invested in the characters and they feel like family.

Creative appraisal (overall): I really enjoyed the book. I cried, I admit it yet again. It was hard to read through the harder stuff, but it didn’t deter me from finishing the book. This book helps to shine the light on serious issues as well as how to love again. It’s a guaranteed HEA (Happily Ever After) story that will bring out a lot of heart and emotion in the reader.
My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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