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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Cover and Quick Read Review: "The Hurricane" By Nicole Hart

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Cover Art Review

Book Title: The Hurricane

Cover Artist: Kari March Designs

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

First Impression: The color scheme is gorgeous! The font style and coloring draws the eye quickly but doesn’t take away from the artwork on Mr. McHottie. I loved that he kind of fades too into the water.

Purchase likely?: Yes! It’s overall really beautiful.

My Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Quick Read Review 

(my definition of a quick read is 20-200 pages)

Nat and Em are looking for a quick round of fun on the beach during spring break. I mean, who can blame them? Hot sun, the beach, parties all around and hot guys! Of course the unexpected happens and Natalie runs into the man of her dreams and his name is Ryker. Neither one of them figured they’d meet someone that would have such a draw to their hearts and make them wish for more. The part with the promise from Ryker that they will meet up again. But really, will he? A series of events occur that prevent that meeting.

The story is fast forwarded a dozen years and the chance encounter happens once again. Or does it? How is it that Ryker shows up where Nat is this time? He’s had a rough road in more ways than one over the years. He worries that she may never speak to him, send him on his way. The truth is, he’s not totally sure what he wants.

Nat has had to endure a lot on her own as well. Being a single mother alone has been a major challenge. She has had to make a lot of sacrifices and knows she has to protect her heart. More so, her daughter's heart. Brooklyn is her heart and soul and rightfully so. She’s never felt the need to add to their family since the absence of her husband. Why should she, when she’s not sure if she can have that love again.

From there it gets really hot! The three of them have an awesome dynamic that is equally funny, sweet, loving and frustrating. Their journey is a chaotic one that takes them back to the past, looking for answers and moving forward while trying to dodge danger and egos. Ryker has worked hard to save himself from a lifestyle he left a long time ago. Natalie is pulling down her walls brick by brick and attempting to move them aside. In the end, can their love really conquer? Can they become a family and weather the storm?

Loved (positive): I loved their individual backgrounds and how it’s made them who they are. Brookie was hilarious and so sweet. I loved her sweet demeanor but she’s one heck of a fighter. The lessons that Ryker helps teach her is heart melting!

Not sure (negative): The only thing I would have liked to have more of is maybe some background on Emily and her journey. But then again, I’m nosy that way!

Overall: I really enjoyed the whole story. It dragged a few small places but nothing that deterred me from finishing it. This was the first of Nicole’s books I’ve read and I will for sure be reading more of her awesome work!

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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