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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Quick Read and Cover Review: "Dirty PowerPlay" By Luce Lefroy and Savannah May

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Cover Art Review

Book Title: Dirty PowerPlay: BAD BOY SPORTS Mafia Mobster Romance by Luce Lefroy and Savannah may

Cover Artist: REDHOTT Covers

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

First Impression: Of course the Mr. McHottie rockin’ abs on the cover caught my eye right off. I feel like the addition of the black and white effect was perfect. It catches your eye but doesn’t take away from the title. The font and color selection for the name is perfect. The only thing I thought was missing was a bit more detail the author's name. Different colors maybe or even larger? They get lost in the mix.

Purchase likely?: Yes! You can never go wrong with sexy bodies on the cover! It caught my attention and overall the cover is nicely put together.

My Star Rating: 5 out of 5

Quick Read Review
10- 150 pages

First things first, this book does have a content that may not be suitable for some!

Luce and Savannah have teamed up to bring a super quick, heated, suspenseful read for bibliophiles everywhere. The story starts out with Dax who is a hot shot in and out of the rink. Some would say he’s accomplished that title through a few beds as well! In all his years of playing the game, he’s given 110%. He doesn’t allow the time for distractions or commitments. In true bad boy fashion, he hooks up and drops off faster than any game lasts. Why shouldn’t he when he’s the most valuable player and running high? He plays a good game, but does he have it in him to settle down at some point? Will there be a woman strong enough to grab his attention? What happens when the game isn’t enough anymore?

Elena has known nothing but chaos and drama in her young life. She’s never known what it truly is to be cherished, loved or even treated nicely. Instead, she has been beaten down on the inside and the out. Sadly, it started out from someone who should have taken care of her in the first place. Instead, she gets sourced out and put into dangerous situations that will damage her forever. All she wants is to be free and perhaps feel something besides self-hatred and depression. Can she stop punishing herself for what’s going on if she gets that chance? Can she get away and really do something good? What happens if she can’t?

Loved (positive): It’s awesome to see authors write about something that is so real and raw as abuse and trafficking. It’s easy to sit within our homes where we have a lot more freedom than most and turn a blind eye so to speak to what really goes on. I loved that bit of spotlight on it. It is thought to provoke even in the moments that it upset me. I do have my own triggers in regards to abuse, so that was to expected. I also loved the bravery and strength both main characters had. Especially Elena! The fact she was able to deal with as much as she did and get to a point of healing was amazing. Better yet is having someone like Dax who by many standards could have gone to the darker side of things.

Not sure: (negative) I honestly wish there had been a warning somewhere in the description or blurb about the violence. It gives the reader a better chance to prepare for it. Some feel it takes away from the story, but for me, it doesn’t. I felt like there could have been maybe a little more to the book as far as explaining what the goons went after Dax for. But nothing major.

Overall: I did enjoy the book. It was a good read that brought out emotions that's for sure! Luce and Savannah took a tough subject and wrapped it around some positivity in the end. Dax and Elena both deserved a happy ending and one that included more than just each other. Their world ended up being shared with many others and awareness being brought forward. To me, that was a big, big positive! I appreciate the chance to read their work for an honest review!

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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