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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review: "Climax" (The Publicist #3, Part 1 & 2) by Christina George

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I have read the two previous books and felt they were pretty interesting. I love the strength behind Kate's character. She has a lot to her that she doesn't necessarily see or feel. Going through a love triangle could put you in that kind of unsure head space I usually don’t care too much for love triangles to be very honest, but this one was a bit different. It’s kind of frustrating because one moment you want to root for Team Nick but later on root for Team Mac. Some might argue that you could even be Team Kate! She had a lot of room to grow in this book I think.

Allan was one of those rare characters that really tie a story together. His encouragement of Kate is what helped cement the decision for her to open her own agency. He helped her take a risk that I don’t think she would have had he been alive. His absence from the story made the transition possible for it to go farther from her role and M and D into where she should have been a long time ago. I would have loved to see Allan stay as a character throughout the series, but I understood why he didn't. It was through her loss and grief that she was able to grow as a person and an agent into her opening the new company. I think that their bond cemented her decision even more. She trusted him and his judgement. The very real connection and mutual love and respect went a long way for her. Her professional story would have been a loss behind the love story had Allan and the decisions she made so concrete.

Mac drove me nuts! I understand the reasons why she brought him on, etc. But darn it! He just seems so selfish at times. It makes you want to smack him. Shoot, at times smack all three of them for not getting a better clue sooner. I got frustrated with Mac because there were moments when he was so distant about marriage in general. His first marriage being what it was is understandable for his feelings. But if he truly loved and wanted Kate, shouldn't his lackadaisical ways been different. They should have been more of a clue to Kate. In the end, it had something to do with the way they ended.

Nick is still my preferred match for Kate. Whereas I realize both Mac and Nick complete her in different ways, he just seems like the better choice. He’s not as jaded by the world and is more open minded. Being open minded in a world full of chaos is a must. It also helped that he went after her to find her and talk. Whereas Mac often just brushed too many things. Nick was a good fit for her from the beginning. Their mutual connection through Allan was just an added bonus. Once again, Allan connected the story in different spots.

There were times where it seemed impossibly slow and I got annoyed with it. There are some spelling issues as well. You have to appreciate the irony in that though. I hope to see more of the supporting characters being brought through in their own series in the future.

Over all, I felt like it was a pretty good story. Everybody deserves a happy ending and I look forward to reading the last one! I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys chick-lit, humour, and drama. Good read, a little slow at times. I enjoyed it!

I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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