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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Review: " The Dream Dancer " by Leslie Hachtel

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I’m not always interested in historical romance books. There are times though that one captures my attention from the beginning. Ms. Hachtel stays true to the time period for this book. As I was reading I was delighted to see so many words that I did not know the meaning of. As odd as that may seem to some, I love learning new words. Since my kindle gives me the option of highlighting a word to find the definition, it becomes an added bonus. She stayed true to the story and the era with words such as, “mayhap”, “troth”, “wench” and “naught”. Being true to the era, the characters, the surroundings and language is what makes a historical romance flow together without interruption.

Lady Bryce is a strong willed woman who wishes to be seen as much as an equal as possible. Her father wishes to marry her off and many men have come to make their desires known. They wish to marry Bryce and to receive her large dowry. She detested each one and worked her gift to the advantage. She convinced them during their dreaming that they did not want her. She was able to put off any suitors from the time of 14 to 17. I honestly forget that during that time that marriage was something that happened so early on. In fact Lady Althea mentions she married “late in life” at the age of 21. When you think about it though, up until even 70 years ago, couples were married off early too. Thank heavens times have changed!

Rowland is an often amusing character in this book. One of my favorite parts is when he claims to be a “dragon slayer” when he meets Bryce. She rebukes him but there is the obvious mutual attraction between them. They start down a path of give and take. He wants her virtue; she wants to play a game. She figured she would be able to end the game and block him. She didn’t think though of the damage that could happen if she didn’t follow through with her ploy. She convinces her father that Rowland has made promises to her and they follow him to court. It is there that things get out of hand. In the end they both get what they want. They surely did not expect it to be love.

I love humor in a book and the bit of paranormal that happens. What we refer to as paranormal now was viewed as “the black arts”, or “witch craft” at that time. If you were known to dance with the devil so to speak then you were viewed, tried and executed as a witch of sorts. When Bryce is accused of this and her friend of murder is when the truth comes out. Rowlands sister shares the same gift as Bryce. I loved the description of how she used her gifts. It’s interesting how Emma and Bryce used their gifts in the opposite as well.

As much as I loved the story, I would have loved to see the book extend with Emma and Alans story right there. It brought up some interesting questions that can spin into a really great story. I hope that Ms. Hachtel does in deed bring their story together in a sequel.

I enjoyed this read over all. Like I said, I would have liked to see it be wrapped up all in one book. But then again, it’s a great way to hook a reader and have them looking for a sequel. This is a great book for anyone looking for a bit of love, paranormal and historical times.

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