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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Review: "Filthy" (Rixton Falls #3) by Winter Renshaw

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First thing you should know is, this is apart of a series by Winter. Second thing, you do NOT have to read Royal or Bachelor before this one. They are apart of a series but can be read as standalone books. Lastly, whether you choose to buy the book or get it for free with your Kindle Unlimited subscription, all three books are in one! I was pleasantly surprised by that and that’s a big bonus in my book. Winters generosity is truly appreciated by readers and fans.

Now, on to my review! Delilah and her twin sister were introduced in the first book, Royal. Which is Demi and Royal’s story. I could tell that from the beginning she was one strong woman. She isn’t the type to just care about someone. Instead, she loves them with everything in her heart. It isn’t easy being the so called more responsible one within the family. She differs from her siblings and is more cautious about life. They often tease her about the fact that she has an “old” attitude and outlook on life. The way she sees it is if there is control in her surroundings then she can deal with things. Honestly, from what you take from the first book, there were a lot of ups and downs for the family. I can understand her craving for rules and order. Even with that, she doesn’t stand down from anyone. Which will come in very handy for her when she visits her great Aunt for the summer!

Zane fits the stereotype of bad boy athlete who feels he is especially awesome. Sure, he’s pretty talented, has an insane attractiveness to him and ok, he’s fascinating. He hasn’t always had the easiest path in life and he worked his bum off to get where he wanted to be. It’s not even just what he wanted, but he needed. He was left behind by parents that didn’t care. If it hadn’t been for his grandmother, he would have ended on that path his parents took. She blessed him with love and support. She made sure he understood what hard work was and how to have respect. Even so, there is that part of Zane that lives to stir up life.

They both are looking for an escape from the chaos that goes on in both their lives. Delilah can help Aunt Rue get things in order and help her move into a new place. She can also watch out for her, even though Rue is more lively and young in spirit than Delilah! Zane messed up big time. His years of playing the bad boy role he hides behind, he’s on the verge of being kicked off his team. His coach gave him orders to get it together, or suffer. So what does he do? Plants him in a house in a retirement community! This way there are no temptations for drinking, woman and stupidity. Ah, but this is Zane we’re talking about right? He has to stir up something here and there.

Delilah and Zane meet for the first time in the middle of the night at a party. She’s mad and ready to snip and snap at him and he wants nothing more than to get her flustered and fighting. She sure is a spitfire! From there they have several encounters that change their dynamic. Rue had warned Delilah to stay away from Zane. He was a no good for nothing adolescent. Rue warns Zane that he better stay away from her niece because he’s not good for her. I loved Rue, I adored her! Zane actually likes Rue to her dismay and he knows that even though there is a whole lot of barking, not a whole of biting happens with her.

As the summer goes on, they find themselves in a place where they didn’t think they could be again. They both faced hardships that made them bitter and hurting. But now, they’ve found some reprieve and some peace. Is it too good to be true? There is that possibility! The supporting characters who come into play (no pun intended!) so to speak stir up the drama and the mess. I found that the re-introduction of the siblings and their spouses and other family have flowed very well through the books. Winter gives you a peek into each of their stories that ties them all in.

I also noticed too that with the weak moments of at least one of the major characters in each book has a slightly darker if not surprising past that Winter brings attention to. The guilt of things done wrong, of moments of discretion, sadness and tragedy are all written so well. I love any book that can bring out more than one emotion out of you. I had read Royal before this one. For whatever reason, I skipped Bachelor for the time being and went to this one. I was instantly enthralled by the characters and their lives. It was an easy and smooth story to follow for me.

I don’t have any negatives for this book. I loved it that much!

Winter did an amazing job writing a colorful cast of characters and the chaos around them. I would recommend this book to anyone! It has a little bit of everything. Some attitude, sass, steam, sadness, laughter and love. I encourage you to go check out this series! Remember that you can get all three with the kindle copy! Either on sale or with your Kindle Unlimited option!

I give it 5 THOUSAND stars. Ok, ok. Since Amazon only allows me 5, I pick 5!!!!

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review by Hidden Gems.

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