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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Book Review: "Fight 1" by M. Dauphin

Book Review

Book Name: Fight 1

Author: M. Dauphin

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

Series? Yes, 3 part series. Can be read as standalone, however, it's better to be read as a series.

Guess what I did this last weekend? I read, slept, ate, read, slept, ate, spent time with my family, read, repeat. Yup, pretty much all I did!. I binged on the awesome storytelling of M. Dauphin! I meant to write this up a few days ago, but alas, my chaotic life mixed in with all the crazy and my days were lost. I even lost a day somewhere. I hate that! But I digress….let me tell you about this book I read once….. (Excuse the funny, I’m cracking myself up here!)

When most think about MMA fighters, you generally think of it be a man's sports right? There’s nothing wrong with that thinking because it’s what automatically comes to mind. Personally, I find it pretty bad ass that many women have moved into the sport and taken it by storm. That is one of the things snagged my attention in this book! But it’s the story itself and the two main characters that make it so much more.

Gwynn (Red) is a freaking tough cookie! Her life hasn’t always been sunshine and cookies, but she lucked out with having parents who were dedicated and loving. She had goals early on in life and she felt like she was on a good path to reach those goals. Like life in general, it takes one thing, one action, one solitary second to alter your whole world. For Gwynn, it was one night when she chose to go out with friends instead of meeting her parents. There was an accident and the one man she had loved always and was closest to, leaves her quickly. She has to pick up the shattered pieces of her heart. In the process, she changes so many things about herself and her goals. She finds peace in fighting. Gone are the goals to teach little ones and in its place is the goal to let every frustration and anger she has out of her into fighting. She can leave it in the ring or the gym and walk away feeling better than before.

Eddie (Texas) is a man who has had to survive on his own for most of his life. Unlike Gwynn, he didn’t have a good man in his life to mold him into an even better person. Instead, he was left with a monster that took away the one woman he loved and in her place avoid that later is filled with anger and hatred. He learns what it’s like to literally fight for you life, safety, and peace. It’s an incredibly rough road to travel. The things he thought he wanted for his life? That all goes away when he realizes how easy it would be to turn into the monster that haunts him. It’s easier to push everyone away and not let them see how truly damaged you are. Even more so when you crave solitude. All of that led him to give himself three solid rules that he’s abided by all his adult life. Those rules have allowed him to focus on his work and the peace it brings him. He may be a computer geek, but he knows he’s the best there is. He can find the missing pieces and lose himself in the challenge. It’s easier than giving up the rules.

It’s a chance meeting literally between the two that sets out to utterly change their separate paths. She’s fighting back and he walks into the middle of it thinking it’s a “chick” fight and he can’t walk away from it. He can’t stand to see the fighting that goes on and the hurt others bring to each other. The jokes on him when he realizes exactly what’s going on! He’s not happy but he’s also drawn to her. In a way, he’s never experienced before. She feels the connection too. But what is it exactly? Why? What does this mean?

This means, get yourself ready because the real fight begins! (HAHA See what I did there?) Their mutual attraction brings them together and fate pushes it a little farther when they realize how close together they have been all this time. Their path connects and it’s anything but easy. There are battle scars, opponents and chaos surrounding them. Can they team up and have each other back? Can they heal on their own, or will it be their feelings together that does it?

It’s a rollercoaster of a ride that causes them to shatter all over again! Does he break his rules for her? Does she stop doing what brings her peace? Is either one of them really ready for this? Can either they see what the other sees in them and realize they deserve love too?

Creative adoration (positives): Miss M. brings forward two characters who are so strong and brave. I have, to be honest, when it comes to sports/fighting/MMA books, I’ve read too many that follow the same path and it’s just redone in a different way. Not with this book! She switched it up and twisted it so that you automatically start questioning things. I love characters that I can connect with and in some ways identify with. I really loved their banter, love, intelligence and tenacity.

Creative indifference (negatives): There are a few times where the descriptions of the fighting and past traumas were a little tough for me. In those times I set it aside for a little bit then went back to it. But that’s not a reflection on the author. It’s my own past, and it’s to be expected. It did nothing to take away from the story.

Creative appraisal (overall): If you’re looking for something strong, steamy, witty, raw and real, then snag this up! I was intrigued and enthralled right away. Miss M. knows how to spin a story that leaves you asking questions and looking forward to the next one!

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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