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Monday, August 15, 2016

Quick Read Review: "Does Grandma Have a Mustache?" by Rita Ann Fleming and Abigail Marble

Quick read review - Children's

Book Name: Does Grandma Have a Mustache?

Author: Rita Ann Flemming

Illustrator: Abigail Marble

Format: hardcover book

Series? I think so, she has another one coming out entitled “Did Grandpa's dog pass gas?”

I was so excited today when I received this book in the mail. Even though I mostly read ebooks now on my Kindle, I still love the feeling of having a book in my hand.

I don’t think everyone realizes that for kids, a book also stimulates sensory. Think about it, the smoothness of the cover, if the name of the book is in a recessed position on the hardback books. If the pages are smooth or rough or even have a bit of texture that can be seen and felt. It’s an all over exciting experience for them and they’ll surely have wonderful memories of them. Especially if they read them with a family member.

I found myself giggling many times over and some of the poems. They’re the right combination of silly, cute and interesting. I loved how Rita was able to capture the innocence that kids naturally have. Meaning, the little things that make us wonder how the figure things out. For example, not being able to keep peas on their forks. When mom scolds them, they put them in their pockets. That was so cute! As an adult now and a parent, I totally get it. I can remember doing that with some baked potatoes my mom made one time and I didn’t like them. So I thought I was clever when I left a bit of the skin on my plate and when she went to the bathroom, I ran to the front door and threw it into the sticker bushes! Kids are amazingly funny and brilliant!

Now for the illustrations, WOW! I loved them! It’s obvious that they were done with a lot of care and time. The mix of art mediums Abigail used is just perfect. It’s not overdone with color. Instead, it’s black, white, gray and some brown color variations. It adds to the poems without taking away their focus. She also didn’t hesitate in making the illustrations overlap onto opposite pages or into the “binding” in the middle. It makes it fun and eye-catching.

Finally, I really loved this book. It’s something I will keep for a long time. Even though my kids are all teens (12, 15 and 16), we love to share books like this. I love watching their faces as they read it, smile, giggle and give input. They all three loved them and my 12 years old actually memorized one of the shorter poems, “Not Me”. She cracked me up today. It’s a poem parents can relate to also. You know kids books are JUST for kids. Pick one up, read it, enjoy it, share it! As a parent, I have so much respect for Rita and Abigail's creativity and wit. They created a book that can be loved by all.

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars rating!

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