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Friday, September 2, 2016

Book Review: "Fight 2" by M. Dauphin

Title: Fight 2 (Fight Series Book 2)

M. Dauphin

ebook, .mobi, kindle

Series or standalone: 
It is part of the 3 part Fight Series. It’s recommended that you read the 1st one in the series first.

This book is meant for mature audiences of 18+. It contains mild violence, sexual situations, and cursing. No Cliffhangers!

Book Review

Miss M. picks up where she left off in the first book. Right into the thick of things and the drama! I loved the first book and so as soon as I had finished reading it, I snagged this one up. I read the whole series within a day. It was hard not to get your feelings caught up in the lives of Eddie and Red.

Gwyn has spent the last few years of her life trying to find a balance of peace and existence. The fighting has become her outlet and her way to hide some of the pain she lives with. She’s been successful in that for a long time. Or so she thought! When Eddie enters her life, everything she’s ever known in her adult life is thrown into the air and spun around. Her immense and deep attraction to Eddie is so new, she’s not sure of what to do. She has to take it one moment at a time and in the process can she help them both?

Eddie has lived by his rules for a very long time. He has figured his life out to be pretty decent he feels like. He’s built his career up pretty well and he knows that he doesn’t need anyone in his life to complicate things. Because when you let someone in, you let in the potential for pain. That’s something that he’s known his entire life. It’s the reason why he has these rules. But now there is Red and she’s climbed over the wall he’s put up and smashed his rules to pieces. What can he do now? What does he do with this love he has for her? Is it really love?

In order for them to move forward, they have, to be honest, and open with each other. This means that Eddie has to share his past with her. He’s kept it hidden for so long that it’s hard to let anyone else truly hear it. He doesn’t want her pity he has had that enough. What he wants is to throw it out there and move past it. He feels like he can have a chance at really finding love. He has to learn to let go and let her fight with him for their love. Their intensity, passion, dedication, love, faith in each other and the peace they seek is a powerful mix to hold together. Is it possible to do all this and then some?

Creative adoration (positives): Miss M. doesn’t hesitate in unfolding the drama even more! They’re both powerful characters on their own and together they are a power couple! I have so much respect and appreciation for the way their pasts were told. As someone who has survived similar situations, it grabbed my emotions and I felt a connection to Eddie. He’s a kid who had to grow up in a hellish situation and as a man lives with those demons. In this book, Eddie was my favorite. The fact that he has found some healing makes it even better. With the healing through his ink, his friend, his work, and now Red, he changes into being a more likable person. Yup, he has his butthead moments where he’s an aggressive jerk. But it’s easier to understand him.

Creative indifference (negatives): The only thing that I would say is a negative of sorts is the lack of warning of the content in the blurb. I feel like it’s always a good thing to have some warning. However, it didn’t take away from the story.

Creative appraisal (overall): Over all I felt like it added yet a few more layers of an epic journey Team Reddie (Red and Eddie, get it?) has to travel on to get to a better place. Their ups and downs are crazy at times but in a way that keeps you interested and looking for more. This was a one sitting read for me! Again Miss M snagged up my emotions and ran with them. The whole series is fascinating and it’s an awesome series to lose yourself in.

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

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