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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Book Review: "The Scrapyard Man" by SH Richardson

Title: The Scrapyard Man

Author: SH Richardson

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

Series or standalone: This is the second book in the Junkyard Boys series, however it can be read as a standalone.

Warning: This book is recommended for mature audiences due to graphic violence and sexual situations.

When I read The Junkyard Boys (first book in the series, Range and Clover) I was drawn into their world and became intrigued with the characters. I was thrilled that Sebastian was the next one of the boys to be featured. Once again I found myself totally sucked into their story! For me, this one was even better than the first! I can honestly tell you it’s because of the complexity of Sebastian and the dynamic between Ashley and him.

Sebastian is not who you think he is. Is he sensitive, a bit worrisome, and quiet? Sure he is! But those are just a few of the layers that make up his complexity. He’s dedicated, trustworthy, strong and has a fire in him that nobody expects! He wasn’t always that way though. The day he met Range (book 1) his life changed forever. He was used to getting bullied because he was different and raised by a single mother and an older aunt who is quite colorful! Kids saw him as a sissy and an easy target. Range would introduce him to the man who became his father figure. He feels like he owes so much to Buck and the fact that he took him in and made him a stronger man. Buck saw into the heart of who he was and nurtured that fire and drive. He taught what it meant to be a real man and how to protect what’s yours. How do you go on and keep those lessons close to your heart when your whole world is crumbling apart?

Ashley hasn’t always been easily understood either. She’s a wild child at heart and loves to have fun. She’s more outgoing than her sister Clover but not as strong minded as her sister Shelly. There is a part of her that is the perfect balance of them. Ashley has always had a strong personality as well. She’s not afraid to say some of craziest stuff just to get a rise out of someone. She is a feisty and a spit fire!! But those are just a few layers that make up who she is. She has a soft heart and a kind soul. She is trying to figure out what she wants out of life and how to get there. Especially after the chaos that surrounded the boys a few months prior. It’s a tough thing to get your head around when you’re constantly trying to figure out where you belong in the first place. She’s not the same in the aftermath of it all. Some want her to take sides and to make decisions she’s not ready for. She’s in a tug of war she feels like she can’t win.

Sebastian and Ashley have a lot going on by themselves, but together it’s even more as one thing after another threatens them all. Their attraction to each other builds and their feelings are mixed in. The question is, can their relationship survive the storms that are threatening to take away the chances they have to be happy? What happens when some psycho decides that their love isn’t going to stop him from getting what he wants? Can Sebastian win this battle? Can Ashley help him to heal?

Creative adoration (positives): Once again Sharon created a set of main characters that draw you in and capture your heart. They are so raw, real and have many layers to them. It’s their likability that makes you want to stay in their world a little longer and learn even more.

Creative indifference (negatives): I can’t call it a negative really, but I wish the next one was done right now! But I have to behave myself and wait patiently.

Creative appraisal (overall): I really loved this book! When I read books in a series it’s important to me that each book is better than the last one. It makes the series as a whole more meaningful and successful. With each book that comes out I find myself anxious to see how it all plays out.

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars!

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