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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Review: "Breaking Lucas" By Amanda Kaitlyn

Title: Breaking Lucas

Author: Amanda Kaitlyn

Format: ebook, kindle, .mobi

Series or standalone: This is the second in the Trinity Series. This can be read as a standalone book. However, you’ll understand the supporting characters more if you read the previous one.

Genre: Contemporary
Warning: There are some adult situations in this book that aren’t recommended for anyone under the age of 18.

Book Review

First I need to warn ya’ll, this may be a longer review than normal. The reason for that is because this book had me enraptured, emotional and ecstatic. That’s a lot right? I know! I admit, I’ve never ever EVER cried as hard as I did reading a book. Now onto the review!

We were introduced to Lucas and Kaelyn in the first book in the series and this one picks up a few years after they’re married and have a child. Their marriage is good, solid and you can feel the love they have for each other. A love that takes over everything and is heartfelt. But is that love enough to face the biggest obstacle that can hit anyone, at any time?

Lucas has gone through a great loss in his lifetime. Having lost his mom to a life shattering disease, he’s witnessed the ups and downs that are brought with it. His mom suffered greatly and in turn, the family did too. He knows that when he fell for Kaelyn that the life they had together would be the greatest love he will ever experience. It takes one moment for his life to fall apart. During a routine doctor's visit, he finds out that the devastating disease has reared it’s ugly head once again. Leaving him with the knowledge of the potential debilitating monster will control his every decision. Because of that, he makes the decision to walk away and thinks it’s the best way to protect the family he loves more than his own life and needs more than his next breath. But is this truly the right decision? What happens next? How do you live with yourself knowing you’re breaking everything you’ve known?

Kaelyn also has lived through a lot of heartache and grief in her life. Having an absentee parent is rough and something that can’t always be forgiven.Throw into the mix having to take on responsibilities that she shouldn’t have had to and it’s enough to break you down. But she’s thankfully had support on her side and gotten through so much of it. Lucas is the love of her life and she knows that no matter what life throws at them they can get through it. They’ve had rough moments just like anyone both on their own and together. She’s so proud of her little family and the goals, dreams, and plans they have ahead of them. That is until the day that Lucas shatters that world. When he makes the decision to take away how she chooses to deal with things, it brings her to her knees. It throws her into a downward spiral that threatens any semblance of a decent life that she can give her babies. How could he do this to them? What right did he have to change their road? How was she going to survive this time?

Surprisingly, there is a chance meeting several years later that switches things once again. Kaelyn has finally achieved one of her goals of being a business owner and feels like she’s getting on a good path to get herself into a place in her life where she can be a better person and more importantly, a good Mom. She’s had to pick up the pieces and dropped them so many times before being able to start putting them back together.

Lucas’ return to their life shatters everything once again. Along with his return is the truth of what drew him away in the first place. He shares with Kaelyn everything that’s happened and his reasoning for it. But is it enough? What if she allows him back in, will he take the choice out of her hands again? Will he survive long enough to rectify the past? Will she for that matter? The biggest question over all, will love be enough to help rid the disease and ugly truths that have rained down on their lives?

Creative adoration (positives): Amanda has yet again created characters that are real and relatable. Lucas and Kaelyn have such a rich and solid history that started in the first book in the series. It’s because of that I ended up feeling such a loss for them and every damned emotion they felt catapulted through me. Portions of their lives for me was like a reflection on certain things I’ve lived with or through. It made the connection to their characters even greater. Amanda was able to balance out the storm in a way that was real and raw. Her focus on a disease that is so strong and heartbreaking was spot on in my opinion. I don’t want to give too much away! Jeesh this is HARD!!!!!

Creative indifference (negatives): I don’t really consider this too much of a “negative” as I’d much rather say a minor annoyance. I cried so hard. Total ugly crying and emotional turmoil! For me, this was the knocked another book out of the top spot of “books that made me ugly cry”. I kid you not, I had to change my shirt because I soaked it with emotional leakage (ha, see what I did there?). Oh and did I mention I had a book-over (my version of a book hangover)?

Creative appraisal (overall): This book was the best she’s done yet. Yeah, it’s only the second book I realize. For me, if I’m reading a book with in a series, the sequels need to be better than the one before them. If you’re going to create a strong set of supporting characters and move on to some of them in another book, you have to create something bigger, more feels, story, etc. If you don’t, then you’re doing a disservice to your readers and yourself. So yes, in my long winded ways there, Amanda has done this hands down in my strong opinion. It was so emotionally rich, which I loved. On a more personal level I’ll say this, I found some healing and forgiveness. Amanda knows what I mean as we had this conversation before hand. The truth is, when the heavens call home someone you love, it’s not necessarily on their terms. They don’t want to leave you, they don’t want you to feel pain at the loss. But you can’t help the anger and resentment you feel towards them. It’s natural and a very real part of grieving. Throughout this book I found myself healing portions of my cracked heart that remain far after my Aunt left this world. We were very close growing up and her loss has affected me greatly. Thank you Amanda for sharing with us Kaelyn and Lucas’ story and in turn helping me heal and forgive her for leaving us. Not to mention, forgiving myself for the anger I felt for so long. The reality is, we all have to make decisions that aren’t easy in our lives. What matters most is HOW we deal with.

I hands down, loved this book. For me it’s in my top 5 or so….and has the number 1 spot of most emotional read for me. Seriously, grab this book, a box of tissues, snacks and your blankie! Settle in for roller coaster of a book and cancel your plans for the next day. You’ll feel a book-over like no other!

My star rating: Can I give it 5 million stars? Dang it! Instead I’ll give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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