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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Review: Willing Surrender Carrie Hogle

Title: Willing Surrender

Author: Carrie Hogle

Format: .mobi, kindle, ebook

Series or standalone: This is book 1 in the series, but it can be read as a standalone.


I have to say, right away I adored Reina. She’s a lot like the rest of us, a homebody who chooses to work from home. She loves coffee (ok maybe she’s fanatical about it!), being creative and her friends. She ‘s a creature of habit and shines in the little bubble she’s created for herself. Personally, if you swap out the coffee for Dew and cookies, it would be the perfect scenario for me! She’s sarcastic, witty, downright lovable and relatable.

I’m kind of crushing on James. Ok, Ok, I admit it, crushing hard on James. He’s a sexy alpha male type guy who lives the celebrity life. He may be a celebrity but he lives his life simply and controlled. For him, having control over his life gives him peace. It’s not just in his everyday life, it’s a bit in the bedroom as well! With Reina he’s not sure how she’d react to that domination. Will she be the one who can embrace him fully or run scared?

Their connection is instantly hot! James is one of the few who respects not only who she is, but her need to have the bubble of protection around her. There is a reason for it, and it’s interesting how he gets around those defensive maneuvers to try to capture her heart! Reina has strong feelings for James and wants to let everything negative fade away from her mind and allow him in to see everything.

Creative adoration (positives): I was drawn to both characters quickly, and for me that’s a great thing. If a character doesn’t snag you right away and draw you into every portion of their world, the book isn’t worth reading. Carrie was very successful in that! I love the heat and the emotions of their journey.

Creative indifference (negatives): I wanted more! I realize that Carrie is continuing the series, but like any truly good book….you want the next one NOW!

Creative appraisal (overall):
For this being a debut novel, it was very well written and satisfying. She left just a hint of there being more to their story. I do believe Carrie has a knack for creative storytelling that will take her far as an author. Personally, I say bring on book 2! I mean, like right now! ;)

My star rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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