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Friday, April 22, 2016

Review: "Freelance Writers for Beginners" by Mike Reuther

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I have always been interested in writing. From the moment I could read and write, I soaked in all the knowledge I could. My writing included anything from essays, stories, to poetry and articles. I enjoy being able to put my thoughts in writing order and share them.  Recently I decided to return to writing more and I do so through different outlets. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when it’s something you enjoy. 

I had been researching different ways that I could touch up my writing skills and perhaps move on to making a little more money. I happened to find this ebook on Amazon yesterday and since it was free, snagged it. It’s a super quick read really, but it’s packed with some useful information.

From the beginning the author lays it out to you and lets you know that being a freelance writer takes a lot of work. This is true with just about anything you choose to do in life. However, it is reiterated several times that there is a certain amount of work that goes into the process. Between your effort, research, communication, and project completion. Your ability to stay on task and make your hours work for you is another portion of this equation. I can appreciate the author's point of repetition on this topic, but it becomes a little redundant. 

The author does make it very clear also that you have to figure out why you’re choosing to go this route. You have to be willing to put yourself out there and to be wary of taking too many jobs that pay only a few dollars for your time and effort. It was refreshing to see that he is encouraging his readers to value themselves and their work.  

All of the information he provides can be a little overwhelming at first. I honestly hadn’t expected a good portion of information that he shares. As I read it, I took some notes on points more so for myself than for the review. In a world that has gone viral and so much is now done online, there are many opportunities to hone your skills as a writer.

If you take the time to go over the information and suggestions, make notes and put yourself out there as he advises, you will be able to make money doing freelance writing. From my own point of view, be prepared to really put thought into it. Find your goals and the true reasons you are considering this.

Over all, it was quick read with decent information. I do think it could have been more detailed in spots. As a personal preference, it could have been more substantial. I think it’s a good starting point in researching freelance writing as a career. My suggestion would be to read this book, and then look into other works by this author. He has published quite a few other books in regards to writing and being a success.

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