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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Review: "The Defiant Bride" By Leslie Hachtel

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I have previously read another book by Leslie, and I loved it. I haven’t always been big on historical fiction. However, Leslie presents it in such a way that is entertaining and thoughtful. Once again, she plays to the theme and the characters but gives us hints of culture. I love the way that she introduces words from that time period that I have no clue what they mean. Why you ask? Because I learn something new! Having a kindle with a digital copy of this book, I can easily high light the word and it gives me feedback. Have I said lately how I love my kindle? I do, I do! Heck some of the words like, “nay” could very well be used in everyday life. I’ve caught myself saying it a few times. Other words that were new to me were portcullis, nay sayers, ministrations and imperious. I also had the opportunity to read some information on Morpheus as well.  It is very interesting and something to look into.  It’s just an added bonus in my opinion to the story itself.

The story follows the path of Lady Dariana and her unconventional quest to remove herself from a huge predicament. She is being pushed and/or forced to marry a man she has never met by the order of the King Henry II. Even though she fights the order, she has to think rashly and figure out a way to remove her from everyone. No matter how much it hurts her. With the help of a close friend, she departs on a quest to hide away from all of them and especially the King. If she was to bring attention to herself and location, she risked being punished beyond all thoughts and rumors she heard. The King would not spare her much and would force a marriage and everything else. She succeeds in hiding and has to relent to living literally as a very poor and perhaps homeless.

During her stay in the woods, she witnesses a man being shot with an arrow and injures him. She takes him under her wing so to speak and takes care of him. She knows that if he becomes coherent that she will be at risk of being found. As she’s nursing him back to the good side, her friend pays her a visit. She asks for her help to get the man back to his own land and castle. She does so and goes on living as she was. But questioning why and how he was there. Who would want to kill him?

The Knight in question, William is given a story about who took care of him. He does not believe it and sets out to find the woman who helped him. His sister remembered the stories regarding Dariana and her disappearance. He knows that once he finds her, he will convince her to marry her. But in reality, he tricks her. The King has since died and his son has taken his thrown. He is a more lax and kinder royalty than his predecessor. William knows that the King will look upon Dariana’s deception with a softer heart than she expects. But still, she tries with everything she can to defy William and his wishes.

During all of this, it becomes apparent that someone is out to hurt them both. The question is who? Who detests either of them enough to wish to vanquish them from the planet? It’s quite interesting the twists that happen as you go on. On one hand, you kind of figure it out. But on the other hand, you are a little surprised. Leslie captures each character well I think. She brings out the emotions of the good ones and you find yourself wanting to smack the bad guy as well! In the end, there is a happily ever after ending. It’s the journey that gets them there that is truly interesting.

As always, I try to post what I did and didn’t like about the book. I did give it the full number of stars. Regardless there were some negatives.

Some of the positives:

I enjoyed learning new words as well as finding out more information on some of the characters and mythology that was pertinent during that time period.

The fact that William was the smitten one and chasing Dariana was a nice change up from the some of the more typical romances. You know, like guy meets girl, girl falls in love, guy is oblivious.

Her descriptions of their surroundings and every day wear were also interesting. You can picture yourself there almost.

Some not so positives:

I wanted to know so much more about some of the other characters. For instance, the bad guys. What is their story? Why were they that way?

It can be slow in parts. That can be frustrating.

Overall, it’s a well written story and entertaining. Leslie brings you through some interesting emotions through her story telling. I loved her book “Dream Dancer”! Which you can find my review of that one and where to get it HERE. *Also, there is a another in the series coming! 

Take the time to go check out her other books, I think you’ll enjoy it. Thanks Leslie for the interesting and creative story.

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