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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Review: "Rebecca Tree" by Michael Abramson

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World wide, the evidence of the upcoming presidential election is plastered for all to see. It’s amazing to me at times how I see posts from friends from other countries such as Australia and Canada weigh in with their opinions. At a time when politics seem to rule the media, it’s only fitting to throw myself into reading a political thriller! I can appreciate the thought provoking details to the story and the good guy vs. bad guy tale that goes along with it. I was intrigued from the first chapter to see where these characters would lead me.

Rebecca Tree has been a fighter her entire life. From having to deal with the loss of her twin and her parents at a young age, to dealing with a bully who happens to be her brother. She had to fight back against all types of abuse and stand up for herself. Doing that meant cutting herself away from her family. She makes a life for herself and becomes extremely private. You can’t really blame her since most of her family is involved in politics. Her brother, her only surviving sibling becomes President. When he dies on the stage at a convention, Rebecca's life is pushed forward and she’s once again controlled by family.

It’s through blackmail that she has to learn to deal with stuff she didn’t want to or worked so hard to not have to most of her life. Now she’s been pushed to run for presidency and if she doesn’t, she loses it all. Everything she worked so hard for. She runs and wins. But that’s not the end of the race for her! No, she’s thrown into the middle of a country in crisis. Wars between various parties across the nation for various reasons. Ecologically, the coastal states are starting to sink into the sea. How the heck does she deal with all of this?

With her new position she feels like she has more resources to fight for the one thing she wants to know the most: What really happened to her twin? She is cursed with nightmares that portray different things that might have happened. Will the nightmares actually be a sense of reality? That’s such an intense part of the book that I loved.

As Rebecca is thrown in this time full of turmoil for our country, she’s forced to sink or swim. She find out a lot about herself in the process and what it really takes to come out on top. This is a heart pausing thriller with complex characters and background. They add to the story in different layers and it makes more sense when it comes together.

  • The beginning was kind of iffy for me. Yes, we knew already Sam would die. But it’s the way it started that annoyed me.
  • There were some parts that are very slow. Other moments don’t make sense to me.
  • The story line as a whole was intriguing and interesting.
  • I loved Rebecca’s character and how strong she was. She had to overcome a ton of stuff in her life to get where she was. That’s very commendable.

I thought this was a great read. A good political thriller is perfect right now! It turns the focus to a whole new set of players in the game.

I give it a 5 out of 5 stars!

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