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Friday, May 27, 2016

Tutorial: How to to add KOBO books to your Kindle Fire!

This may be a little lengthy! I apologize, but I tried to cater to those who learn in different ways. I also didn't want to miss anything important. Let's hope I didn't!


This tutorial was written by me (Shani K.) on 5/27/16 with the purpose of assisting e-Reader owners and authors. I will credit the appropriate people/sites if I use any information from a source. 

Amazon, Overdrive and KOBO are in no way affiliated with me, this blog or this tutorial. There is no sponsorship or partnership. They are not responsible for any information that is posted here.

This tutorial is not affiliated or sponsored straight out by any particular author. HOWEVER, the idea to research it did come from the recent ban of an authors book from Amazon. Please go to Nikki Sloane's fan page to check out the details! I will be making a post about it separately. She is aware of this tutorial and the research.

I am also NOT responsible in any way, shape or form to any damage, issues or misconceptions that comes along with this tutorial. This is a basic disclaimer so please understand it's NOT my intention to do any harm to your devices. 

VERY IMPORTANT! Look at the ebook details before making a purchase. It MUST say "EPUB 2 (DRM-Free)!

Start The Tutorial All Ready! 

What I used:

++ My Kindle Fire 8 (5th edition)

++ Silk Browser (browser for kindle)

++ Easy Screenshot! by Linerva (free app in the app store) - (this is strictly for my screenshots. You don't need this but I wanted to make sure I give ya'll the info! It's handy!)

++ Overdrive (eBook reader app free in the app store)

++ My own smarticals and determination!

Step 1a. Download Overdrive from the app store and install. Make sure you open it to make sure there are no issues. Side note: did you know that you can link your local library card to Overdrive to check out ebooks? Yuppers!

Step 1b. Open your browser and go to https://store.kobobooks.com/ (yes in my screenshot there are a few extra letters at the end of the address. This was because I emailed myself the link from my kindle. Don't ask...I'm a weirdo.)

Psst: you can click on the pictures to make them bigger!

There is a handy deal there on the front page I thought I'd point out. Look at the fine print and then sign up if you choose! Again, NO this isn't sponsored or affiliate with KOBO.

Step 2. Browse around like you would with other sites. Or do like I did and type in the search box for an author. I looked for Jennifer Malone Wright and you get see her listings HERE.  * I DO personally own a few of her books too! I chose to go with a freebie book as I wanted to make sure this worked before making a purchase. Please do snag up freebies from authors,! If you enjoy their work, buy some up too! Leave a review for them on the various sites (marketplaces/social media)! Let's support them and show how much we appreciate how hard they work their bums off!

Step 3. From here, either scroll through and find a book you like. To sort the list to your liking click on the drop down that says "bestsellers" This is a default with just about any site. Go ahead and change it! 

Step 4. Now that you may have sorted and browsed, it's time to download! Click on the download button next to the description as shown in the following screen shot:

You now will see a message at the top telling you that it's now added to your library.

Step 5. Now that it's been added, you will be routed to the details of the book. You'll want to click on "View in library".

Step 6. In your library section, you will see your purchases/freebies. Click on "Download EPUB" to get your book.

When it's downloading, you'll see this little box that says "Downloading File". View will change to Open.

If you're like me and don't get to it before it disappears, there's another way to look! No worries! yes, there are more ways to find the file as well. I'm trying to save some explaining here! LOL

Up at the very top of your screen, you'll see whatever name you've given your kindle (Shani's World is what mine is) and there should be a number of notifications. Swipe down to have the menu drop and you'll see the notification. Tap on that.


Also, the file may not come up with the name of the book, or something you think is so random and weird. I can't give you a confirmed and actual reason, I can tell you that I figured out this one! See how smart I am today? Don't fall over from shock! End rambling.....the reason this one came up with smashwords and numbers is because the edition of the book is "smashwords" as seen below:

Also, to point out something....I didn't leave this screenshot whole for a few reasons. One being that it wasn't necessary really. The bottom part of the page doesn't give any spoilers or any information that's about the story  itself. (Did that make sense?) But, it is the authors work regardless and I didn't feel comfortable sharing anything beyond this and the preview of the book.

Step 7. now that you've gotten through my mass of jumbles up there, your book should be opening with Overdrive. You might get a popup that asks you which program you want to open it up with. Choose Overdrive for it.  Here is where mine was opening.

Step 8. You should get a screen showing your bookshelf with in Overdrive. Your purchase/download should be at the top and will more than likely be marked as "new" in a banner in the corner of the preview. This stays there until you open the book for the first time. 

Tap on the cover of the book you want to read. It should open up just fine.

I feel like I need to do a princess wave right about now celebrating my triumph. Or even just some of the old school video game music you heard at the end of a level. Crap, I so dated myself there didn't I?

Once mine was opened, I did scroll through a few chapters to make sure that it downloaded fully. It did! So this is a test I tried out myself. I'm excited because now I have more options on where to purchase books. Not all authors choose to sell at the same location/site.

I realize there might be some bugs yet to work out. This was a first go for me. Please let me know if this works or any issues you have had. if you are able to add some pointers, please let me know! :)

Ways you can contact me:

Email: bookishnerd4life@gmail.com

Facebook: Shani Kenny

Twitter: @BookishShani_K

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