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Monday, June 13, 2016

Review: "Curvy Seduction: CIRCUS: A Curvy Love Serial - Part Three" by Aidy Award

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Have I mentioned in previous reviews how much I LOVE Angelina? I do! It’s too bad that more people don’t have her courage or determination to set the proverbial world on fire! The more she realizes how much she loves Gray and she knows he cares for her, the more impatient she gets. She’s ready for him and cut everything else out if he would just get it together and play by her rules too.

Gray is the strong, silent, alpha dom that she craves and needs. She wants to give him her submission, but she needs a little something too. She needs to still feel important and independent. She doesn’t want to fall back into the ridiculous blinding life she had before she decided to stand up.In passing she’s told to “find something to do” because she’s just so bored. As the devilish side of her figures out a way to get what she wants. She sets out on her plan to dominate. The BDSM Club market that is!

Gray takes her to the Asylum to meet with the owner and to get an idea of all it really entails. She’s both shocked, relieved and even a little turned on by what she finds out that night. Honestly I was a little surprised by some of the on goings at the club myself. Aidy sets up the scene for that meeting very well. With Gray by her side, she is willing to do what it takes to move forward. Even if he doesn’t want her to.

As their dynamic changes and life's complications settle into her little “circus” she has to be honest with herself. The mini adventures she’s taking herself on as she searches for information brings some light to her. If Gray isn’t willing to do what she needs, once again she’ll take on the task herself.

She makes the decision to go on an extended trip with her boys and learn the art of BDSM as both a sub and a dom. Gray isn’t happy and walks away. But will he he stay away forever? While she’s away visiting a friend and his club, where does that leave them?

Aidy has once again set up another chunk of their history in a way that makes you want to learn more! I liked the cliffhanger in this one. It’s just the right snippet to make you want to run out and get the next one!


The more I read about Angelina and her pseudo family, the more intrigued I am. Their intertwining stories are written well with the right amount of sass, steam and laughter.

I love this whole series really. I think more people should embrace life in the similar way that Angelina has.


Really my only complaint is it wasn’t long enough! But see, that’s where Aidy gets us! She’s dropping the cliff hanger on us and we wait. But, that’s a very good thing too.

This is the third one in the series and I love it. I can honestly say that this is a series I would read again. Once I’m done with these, I will be moving on to read Aidy’s other work. Thanks Aidy for the awesome read!

This is a super steamy, funny, sweet in some parts and HOT! Go check it out and get Rebound, Harem and Circus today!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars!

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