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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review: "Caveman Farts: The Story of the First Stinky Fart" by J.B. O'neil

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When you have three growing children under one roof and a crazy husband, farting is as necessary as breathing. Some may find my frankness on the subject cringe worthy, or the book itself and topic. However, let me say this: Everybody farts. Yup! Your grandma, your neighbor, your dog. I’m pretty sure that even Owls fart. Well, maybe not. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and it’s a fact of life. In my household, there is no shame about it thrown around. Come on, haven’t you laughed hysterically at fart noises from someone else? Or even yourself? Shoot, I’m 38 years old and I do!

With that said, I loved the last book in the series I read. I love the creativity, silly moments and just poking fun at the most ridiculous moments of life. Since the last one detailed the different types of farts and even some smells, I found it fitting to naturally go to the next question. Where did the first stinky fart come from? If you think about it (and yes I do think about these totally random things with my wild imagination), don’t you wonder if the cave people of many moons ago had the same dilemmas we have? Today it’s so “taboo” to fart in mixed company. Well, unless you’re in my house! But back then, it was terrifying according to Milo!

Milo falls asleep in class again, and he feels his tummy start to rumble. As he dozes off he wonders about the effect of farting when you’re asleep. His dreams light up with visions of a cave boy who isn’t really popular with the group. He and his pet dinosaur snag up some new berries. From there all the rumblings starts! He’s terrified at what is happening to him!

Then it happens. The green fog flies as his butt trumpet makes a loud noise! What happens from there is truly hilarious and they all realize how useful this musical stink can be against their enemies. I laughed so hard, as did my kids. I have to give it to J.B., his choice of names for the characters are awesome. His different ways of describing farts is so creative.

This is a fun and silly book that’s a winner in my house. All three of my kids loved it and I heard them quoting the book today. Remember, you’re never too old to laugh at yourself or life. To me, this serves a good lesson in being comfortable with who you are. The cave boy had to! So should we.

I have no negatives about the book. I honestly loved it and I look forward to reading the next one!

5 out of 5 stars!

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