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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Review: "I Hate You Hayden" by Kristen Flowers

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I have to say I loved the concept of the book right off the bat. It’s not every day that you pick up a book and you the reason the two main characters come together is over a video game. I think Kristen did a fantastic job of capturing “Via Mace” as a character and in her description of her. More often than not, female leads in video games are overly exaggerated in their appearance and abilities to run in stiletto boots. However, if I’m being fair to that, male characters are often exaggerated as well. It makes you wonder if there is any one person who COULD run in those boots? Argh! I’m distracting myself here! Back to my point...which was, Kristen made each of her characters believable and with merit.

Ali is a tough woman and maybe you could venture off as to say as tough as Via Mace herself! She’s had to fight her way up the corporate ladder to where she is. She knows that her looks as a woman can hinder where she is a well so she tries hard to stay true to herself but to also not put herself into a position of weakness.

That is until Hayden. He uproots her whole world and sends it spinning. With his creation and vision of Via Mace he may have changed his own world and his company for the better. But is it worth it when he meets Ali for the first time face to face? He has had to struggle and fight as well to get where he is. He has battled unemployment, climbing the ladder and getting his creativity out there to be shared with others. It’s not all sunshine and roses for him as well.

Now, they have to figure this out. Was it intentional? Is he willing to change a huge part of his whole existence to that point? Can she compromise or allow him to change her world? What are these feelings they have for each other? Is it lust or is it understanding and love? Who will try to jeopardize it all for them?

All of these questions are answered throughout their story . Did you think I was going to give it away? No way silly goose!


I loved the strength that both Ali and Hayden possess. They understand that the outside world is a tough one to maneuver if you’re going to be successful. Whether it’s professionally or personally. They both have a lot of heart to them too which is a bonus. Kristen doesn’t shy away from showing that.

I loved the video game idea being the center of what draws them near. It’s a creative and accurate way of showing the ups and downs of creative worlds.


The POV (Point Of View) factor threw me off quite a bit. It didn’t quite segue into each person telling their side. It was more of being narrated by Ali with an after thought to what Hayden was feeling. I struggled with that.

With this being Kristen’s debut novel, she did really well. It’s a bigger treat when you see that she included two novella’s as well for her readers.Thanks Kristen! I can say I will take the time to read some of her other stand alone work and the ones with a co-author. Because it’s in my opinion that most of the time, a new author absorbs more and their work gets better and better. I’m thankful I had the chance to read this book thanks to Hidden Gems and Kristen Flowers for the copy!

I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. The only reason I didn’t go with 4 was because of my confusion with the POV.

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