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Monday, June 27, 2016

Review: "Marrital Blissaster" by Brooklyn Taylor

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If you have been a follower of my blog, my reviews or social media you know by now that Brooklyn has become one of my favorite authors EVER! I have two favorites that I have so much respect for and love. I’ve been blessed many times over with their work and friendship. I know what you’re thinking, “Hell she’s only going to rave about the book because she’s a friend.”. Ah, no. If anything, I’ll be even more straight to the point than I have been in the past. Because it’s important to tell you all how this book affected me. Our pasts tend to haunt us at times and triggers are turned on and you question your choices.

Little back story for me before I go into the review, my parents divorced right after I was born. My father had a mistress and my mom found out. They divorced and he married the “other” woman. Then, we lived with her long time boyfriend (I was a baby to 16) and he cheated on her as well. In some ways, it still hurts. I was the kid in the situation and understood more than anyone thought I would at 16. I have never EVER condoned adultery and I never will. I have turned my nose up at so many people who have done it. If that makes me snob or jerk, then so be it. But I had to live through it and figure out who I was all over again thanks to Mr. E and his antics.

Now that you understand my stance on adultery (hopefully) I can tell you that I was prepared for this book to haunt me and trigger me. Brooklyn was very honest with me up front and told me it did deal with some pretty heavy drama and infidelity. I was thankful that she told me because I don’t like getting into a book and realizing that it would have been better if I had been warned. You may have seen in many of my reviews that I point that out. I sat down to read it with all of this in mind. I never expected to finish it in a matter of hours! Imagine my surprise when suddenly it was done and my heart felt lighter.

Marital Blissaster follows the story of two couples who have been together for a long time and each has to face the reality of perceived infidelity. I say perceived because as you read, you question what one character is saying or thinking over the other. It honestly confused me at moments and made me yell a couple of times too! Yes, i’m one of those types that yells at their books and/or Kindle. Brooklyn dumps you right into the present day of the couples and into the fire. It took my breath away because as each woman starts off their story it is so quick and to the point. The very feelings that are felt by so many are thrown right there and it sets you off in again, the direction of questioning them.

Callie and Blake have been together for what seems like forever. They were brought together through friendships and they had an intense attraction to each other. Callie has always had some caution to her, and not she is not as forward as her friend Madison. But when she meets Blake, she sees the one person she knows will change her heart forever. Their relationship starts of ok, then gets a bit rocky and they’re apart for some time. They later find out about the sabotage that made a play in their time apart. They spend the next few years devoted to each other and keeping things good between them because of all they had endured within their families and what they had seen. They’ve built a life together and a family that they feel like is solid and unshakable. That changes through a series of events that I don’t want to give away! I will say this, that regardless of how infallible you think Callie and Blake are in their relationship, their are signs. Signs they have to decipher and question. How will their relationship survive, and can it?

Madison and Hudson were rocky in their relationship from the get go. It was an interesting to read about their dynamics and how they interacted not only with each other, but with others and how far that their actions and communication went to alter their plans. There is love there, just like with Callie and Blake. They have grown together in so many positive ways. Their lives change even more quickly than their friends and their worlds have expanded. For quite awhile there was devotion also. But then there is something that pops up that has them questioning everything as well. What is to come? Will they last, will their relationships with not only each other but with others become jaded and untouchable?

With each couple you question every little thing. I’m not kidding, I did! I felt like I was feeling their emotions. I think part of that is due to my own history as the kid in the situation. Sadly even once as an adult with an outsider who tried to knock my world around. Nothing as severe than what my mom went through though. I was shocked at the intensity of emotions for each person, whether they were right, wrong or indifferent. Like i said, reading it the way that Brooklyn shared it was eye opening for me and in some ways healing.

Even with all the questioning you may experience along with the characters from beginning to end, you find yourself hoping for that HEA (Happily Ever After) ending for them all. I will say this too, there were moments that surprised the hell out of me and a twist I never saw coming. I wonder if you will see the same things?

If you choose to read this book, I’ll warn you…..be prepared to be sucked into the story and feel emotions. If you’re an abibliophobiac or bibliophile who connects deeply to characters and falls into their world with every single story you read, then you will understand so easily what I’m saying! I cried those ugly crying tears again. I yelled, I laughed, I got happy for them, and I healed a bit. I will never ever EVER condone adultery. However, Brooklyn has eloquently shared her character's story wrapped around that very thing I hate. She does it with grace and understanding, and makes you look at it from another side. It is one of the things that makes her truly an amazing story teller. Yes, I’ve said this before. I said it from the very first book I ever read of hers. She continues to amaze me each time!


Brooklyn gave me fair warning like I said about the subject matter of the book. This was with out knowing about my past as well, but she took the time to let me know all the same. I’ve constantly said over and over how I wish authors would put something out there in the description that there are certain types of things that might cause a trigger effect for some. It doesn’t stop me from reading it, but gives me fair warning to prepare myself. For that alone she has my never ending respect.

LIke i said, I questioned a lot of what the characters said and did. Emotionally, I was invested in it and that’s a HUGE positive for me. If an author can bring out emotion in you, then they have succeeded in gathering a reader forever.

The story was steady and dynamic and twisted a bit. Which was another high point.


Regardless of all my praise and thankfulness over the warnings, it did trigger me. I did have many moments of reflection that brought me to another place in my past. That was hard on some levels, I won’t lie. But I was able to deal with it and that has no reflection on the author.

Like with any book I read, I wanted a little more backstory on maybe one or two characters. I won’t tell you who, because that would spoil some of it for you! :) I’m a nosy fanatical reader who wants to know what makes someone do some of the things they do.

In closing, I encourage you to take the time to read this book. Whatever you may feel about love, faith, togetherness, hurt, anger, adultery, it’s a story that has needed to be told. Keep an open mind if you can and embrace their world. It’s a fantastic read and one I will read again. I have a handful of books that I will continue to read again. Meaning more than twice and this one has made that list.

Thank you Brooklyn for yet again another story that creates a tornado effect in your heart and sets your mind onto a path of trying to figure it out before you find out.

If I could give this one a million stars, I would. A five star read!

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