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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

SAOTW - Hettie Ivers - Day #2!

Hey guys! I meant to have this up a few hours ago, however we had an outrage in our service. I'm in Washington State and the weather is wack. Yes, I know, I know...what do you expect for Washington? LOL But we're uber close to the water so all these weird storms blowing through are causing issues with just about everything. I noticed earlier when I was out that the river was higher than normal even. But we're ok! Now that I can log back in.......... here's what I've got going for today!

Since I couldn't log in for half of the day, I'm pushing the interview to Friday. That way I can post teasers and the giveaways, etc. The rain monsters messed up my plans!

I asked Hettie a few questions this week. I guess you could call it an interview of sorts.(pushing Don't tell her, but I secretly wanted to get more info out of her on the next book. *looks around all shifty like* What? I can't wait! JUST KIDDING! But really, she was gracious enough to jump in and share. I so appreciate that. Believe it or not, there are a number of authors who don't interact with the fans or take it as someone wanting free stuff. I'm no fool, I love free stuff always! :) In fact that could be why I have at least 1000 books on my kindle from just freebies......but that's another post for another day.

Where was I in my randomness? Oh yeah! Hettie is awesome, and very supportive of her readers. Whether you've been around waiting for her to write the next one for  years, (seriously, a few of the girls have really been waiting that long!) or a newer reader, she embraces everyone. Have you ever had someone dislike a book that you love and you just want to have a talk with them about it? Or they leave a bad review and you're all offended because YOU love that book and author? GUILTY!!!!!! I saw a review I didn't like and so wanted to say something. But I didn't, and I still want to yell, but I can't. Besides the point that it's not right (to each their own!), I have respect for what Hettie had reminded me of. Not everybody will like the same things (I know, I know.....but....) but also that any feedback is welcomed. Now I hear her husband got huffy too btw! LOL So it's not just me. As hard as it can be for her as a newer indie author, she has taken it all in stride. It's not all sunshine, tea and spritzers of course, but she keeps on going. As long as she keeps on going towards the next book to be finished...all is good in my little Werelock Evolution world. :D

Tomorrow, look for the start of the giveaways and for the review of Girl from Jussara! You know you can still go get the books and pre order the next one......... look at the list of links below! :)

Friday - An Interview with Hettie & Teasers

Saturday - Teasers and Giveaways!

Sunday - Teasers and Giveaways

Happy Reading my friends!

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  1. This is awesome!! Once again, I'm stunned to learn that I'm so cool. I had no idea. But I'm going to tell everyone that you said so and therefore it's true. :) Thanks, Shani! XXOO