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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Review: "Girl from Jussara" by Hettie Ivers

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I think I’ll start this review off a bit different today. I have a confession of sorts. Ready?

Hello, my name is Shani and I think I kind of like have a thing or two or ten for Werelocks. How did it start you may ask? Well, there was this book by an author I had never heard of. Which would make sense since it was her first book on Amazon right? I decided to read it and suddenly, I couldn’t put the darn thing down. I read it with in hours and was blown away by the twists and differences there were compared to other paranormal books I’ve read. The next day I wrote out my review for it immediately told my fellow abibliophobiacs to go out and get it. If I was going to be hooked, well damn it they were too!

Depending on the day and what I’m rambling on about or what I’m reading, I alternately curse Hettie and praise her. I get frustrated because of her freaking hint drops throughout the books of what is to come or better yet, the freaking cliffhangers! Some days I wish I had Alex and Kai’s teleportation mojo/ juju to go and harass my darling friend until she tells me the rest of the story! Other days, I love her to pieces and tell her very kindly but pointedly, “I’m ready for the next one. Could I have my fix please?”. Of course she laughs that maniacal laugh of hers she taunts us with randomness from the upcoming books! I think she is hoarding some of that lingering werelock juju for herself! That and of course, all the pictures of the hotties! I’m convinced, she has them in her desk drawer, right under stash of Kate Spade bags!

Of course, after that long bout of randomness there, I have to tell you I had the opportunity to read “Girl from Jussara” already! YES! SCORE! Hettie loves me, she really does! Either that or she took pity on my poor little lost Werelock stalkin’ heart! Either way, I’ll take it! This is a prequel to Slip of Fate which is the 1st in the series. Hettie spins the story and background of the down right bad ass character that is Lupe. If you read the first book, it’s apparent from the start that Lupe has a very strong role within the compound and pack. Where as some fear the leading pack members, Lupe rules them.

Like with the other books, Hettie doesn’t hold back. She drops you in the middle of the action and you can’t even keep up at first. I can honestly say that within the first few pages I questioned what I already knew about Alex, Kai and Al! Me, of all people! I’ve read Slip of Fate 2 times and Fear the Heart 2 times! I had to stop and think about it and put the imaginary crib notes in my head in order before I got too far. I adored Lupe from the beginning but I adore her more now after reading her story. Her background and the life she’s had to live through really does mold her into the person who can pretty much grab Alcaeus by the ear and drag him through the house threatening to throw him out since he dared to wear his dirty shoes in HER house!

Hettie has a way of helping you connect to the characters she writes about. Just like before, I felt my heart break for Lupe, and every emotion that she poured out. I honestly didn’t think there was much of a connection to any of them other than Alcaeus before I started Girl from Jussara. I mean she alludes to the fact they have a history and his obvious affection he has for her. So it was surprising and intriguing when Lupe’s dynamic with all of them started out, how different it really was.

Lupe walks into a supernatural world that she fears she may not be able to survive in, let alone gain the balance she needs in order to stay safely away from the enemy. What choice does she really have? She can walk away from the compound that she fought to get into and walk right into the arms of the enemy or she can learn to survive and how to deal with ever increasingly chaotic moment to come.

You get hints of what each one of the pack members were like prior to meeting Milena in the first book. I laughed at Alcaeus and how sweet he was but such a dumb butt at times. I smiled when Kai took over (holy hotness, give me a fan!) and set Lupe on the right path. I wanted to smack Alex when he tried to be dickish to my girl Lupe. Sometimes I’d like to just smack that fool! But then again, he has his kinder moments of course.

I honestly didn’t realize how important this novella would be to the overall story. You get some answers, some of them Miss Smarty Tarty Pants Hettie hides a little deeper for you to find when you go back to read it again. She freaking leaves us little hints and bread crumbs! Again, there I go wanting to curse her!

I adored this novella. It was obviously too short for me because I want to be able to read them all right now and find out all the hidden treasures and back stories. Like right now. Yup, I’m sitting here scowling, waiting. I know it’s not going to get me anywhere! :)

With this one, Hettie successfully draws you in once again and melds the story along in a way that makes you look forward to what is truly going to happen next. She spins an incredible story of love, faith, danger, suspense, thrills, chills, laughter, forgiveness and strength. Each character she introduces adds more understanding as she goes forward.

Yup, I can tell you hands down this is my favorite series of books. I encourage to read them in order. Which would be Slip of Fate, Fear the Heart and Girl from Jussara. I promise you, so much will make sense that way.

Keep in mind this whole series is available on Kindle Unlimited as well as One Click! Girl from Jussara will be released next month and you can now pre order it.

I encourage you to go check these out, snag them up for your summer reading list and get ready to throw away every paranormal stereotype you have ever read about. Girl from Jussara made me love Lupe more and I dare say, Lupe and I would be pretty bad ass friends!

Now, go get the books! Then you can join us girls as we impatiently wait for more suspense, smexy times, laughter and adventures!

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