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Friday, June 24, 2016

SAOTW: Hettie Ivers - Interview and a #Giveaway!

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Hello my friends! Who else is super happy it's Friday? I know I am! The week went by quickly and I'm ready to chill this weekend with my crazy family and reading. Earlier this week I had harassed Hettie into answering some questions for me. I have to figure out what the heck I'll even call "interview" portion just yet. I've used all my creativity this week in trying to earn the paycheck Hettie sends me to say all these clever and flattering things about her! You sent it to the right address this time, yeah? Ahem, nice job you did there trying to erase a few numbers! :D Just kidding!

Make sure you read through the interview and at the end I'll tell ya'll about the awesome #Giveaway I'll be hosting on my fan page!

Now an intro of sorts: You honestly never know what Hettie might say on any given random day. Part of the reason why the group of us get along so well is because we are that crazy! Knowing this, I tried to throw in some silly in the questions and some real ones. I admit, I giggled quite a bit when I read them!

Please enjoy and remember to stop by the links I post for Hettie at the end and show her some love! Feel free to comment here too!

"Interview With A Werelock Storyteller"

(HA! Thought up one after all!)

Q: Let's start off with something simple and silly! What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hettie: A time traveler.

Q: How would you describe your writing style?

Hettie:   Oh, geez, I don't know... you should probably tell me. I don't really identify myself as a writer, for starters. I think of myself as more of a storyteller. And as a storyteller, I would describe myself as a foreshadowing whore. :)

Q: What was your muse or inspiration when you started writing the Werelock Evolution series?

Hettie:   I was traveling for work, stuck on a long plane ride crunching numbers in an excel spreadsheet when the idea for the story came to me. I outlined the story in a separate tab of the excel spreadsheet that I was working on for the duration of the flight. Then I wrote the apology scene between Alex and Milena that happens in "Fear the Heart".

Q: Tell us a random fact about you and/or your family.

Hettie: I never wanted to get married or to have kids and I never would've done either if my husband wasn't so obnoxiously awesome. It's still a shock to me sometimes that I love being married so much. I like to joke that he Jedi mind tricked me into it because he basically dared me to elope with him one weekend. And here we are, ten years later.

Q: You describe the Renosso compound with great detail and care. Have you ever visited the area you write about?

Hettie:  Well, my family might own some real estate in Brazil. But I really can't say for sure...

Q: Which member of the pack do you identify with, if at all?

Hettie:   Hmm... I have to say that I probably identify the most with Avery, the main female protagonist in book 4, "No Light". I realize that doesn't give you much because no one has read "No Light" yet. But I identify with Avery's tenacity and her scrapper personality. I have never in my life known when to quit and I love going against terrible odds. I think this internal monologue from Avery POV in book 4 fairly well sums it up: Powerful as my will had always been, the bait of hope amid the worst stack of odds was a drug I’d never had strength enough to decline. It called to me like no other poison.

Q: If you could have one of the werelocks special abilities, which one would you choose and why?

Hettie: Teleporting. (Duh! ) Do I really need to explain why? ;)

Q: Quite a few of us know your inspiration behind Alceaus personality. However for those who don't, please share! And what does he think?

Hettie:  Ahaha! Yes, my husband is similar to Alcaeus' character in many respects. So much so that when he first read "Slip of Fate", even he recognized aspects of himself in Alcaeus, which was fairly amusing for me. But I do tend to steal his lines for all of my male characters--because he says many hilarious things daily.

Q: What gives you the greatest of joys in life?

Hettie:   Oh, SO many things! But on a daily basis, I'd probably say that one of my top joys is coming home and hearing my son's laugh. He has the best laugh I've ever heard. It's one of those laughs that you can't listen to without cracking up yourself. Before he was born, my brother's laugh was the best laugh I'd ever heard, and his is similar to my son's in that my brother's laugh has always cracked my whole family up it's just so infectious. (If you hadn't noticed, I really like to laugh in general.)

Q: Finally, what do you have in store for us werelock crazy fans of yours? You do realize we've all probably marked the release dates of the next one on our calendars right?

Hettie:  Haha!! Thank you! "Girl from Jussara (Werelock Evolution Series Prequel)" is now live on Amazon and available for pre-order. It releases July 16th. Unfortunately, I do not have a solid release date yet for book 3, "Revenge of the Wronged", because I'm still tweaking a few things and also trying to plan a more thoughtful, well-coordinated release than I've done for the first 2 books in the series. But book 3 will be released this fall and then book 4, "No Light", will be released in 2017. Book 4 centers on Alcaeus and his mate and will continue the overall story line, but is being written as a standalone novel. I am also working on book 5, which will focus on Kai and his mate--because I had to save the most complicated, tormented werelock for last. Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog, Shani!! I am honored and thrilled to be your spotlight author and I can't thank you enough for your amazing feedback and enthusiasm for the Werelock Evolution series! Hettie :)

As always, Thank YOU Hettie for your amazing generosity! Head over to my fan page on facebook, The Chronicles of an Abibliophobiac to find out how to win an autographed copy of Slip of Fate, Fear the heart AND a pre-ordered copy of the ebook/novella Girl from Jussara!



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