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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Tutorial:: How to get a Kindle Unlimited book and return them!

Hey all! I hope you're all having a fabulous weekend and enjoying time with your loved ones! A friend asked me how to return a book with Kindle Unlimited as she was new to it on the reader side. She figured it out as I was reminding myself. I can do it in my sleep but sometimes it takes me to look at it again to tell someone. I'm just odd that way I guess!

So because of that, I decided to write up a tutorial for you guys on how to get the Kindle Unlimited books you want and then how to return them. I hope that you find this tutorial useful and I'm trying to cater to the different ways that people learn. I'm including screenshots along with written directions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact me via my contact information that is at the bottom of this post!

Now to the tutorial!


This tutorial was written by me (Shani K.) on 07/10/16 with the purpose of assisting e-Reader owners and authors. I will credit the appropriate people/sites if I use any information from a source.

Amazon, and the two authors that have their ebook titles featured in the screenshots are in no way affiliated with me, this blog or this tutorial. There is no sponsorship or partnership. They are not responsible for any information that is posted here.

This tutorial is not affiliated or sponsored straight out by any particular author. HOWEVER, the idea to research it did come from a friend who is new to Kindle Unlimited.

I am also NOT responsible in any way, shape or form to any damage, issues or misconceptions that comes along with this tutorial. This is a basic disclaimer so please understand it's NOT my intention to do any harm to your devices.

What I used:

++ Any internet ready device that you choose to use. I used my computer for this as I was doing the screen shots.

++ A valid Amazon.com account. You can visit the site HERE

++ A valid Kindle Unlimited subscription which you can get HERE

++ Your Kindle OR device that has the Kindle reader app which you can find HERE

++ My own brand of smarticals! Sorry, not available for purchase! (HA I'm so funny today!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember this, the authors receive payment out of a fund from Amazon when their books are downloaded AND read through KU. I honestly have no idea if it's just the download, the read through or whatever. I've heard conflicting answers. So to be on the safe side, Flip back all the way to the cover first. Then turn the pages to where the story begins. That way you can be sure that regardless, it counts. Even if you stop reading and don't care for the book, flip through to the very last page as well. Again, to be on the safe side.

Get Ready, Get Set......GO!

Step 1. Open your internet browser on the device of your choosing. 

Step 2. Go to www.amazon.com

Step 3. If you don't currently have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you can go HERE to find out how to get one. If you do, skip this step.

Step 4. Log into your account. Remember, if you're using a public device or a friends device, don't allow the browser to save your password. Also, log out when you're done! Some people choose to clear the cache/cookies. Depends on the person.

Step 5. You can either browse through the Kindle Unlimited category on the site OR search for an author/genre and see if they have any of their titles available under Kindle Unlimited. I actually have a list or "wish list" on Amazon that has a bunch of books that are available with KU. So I picked one from there. I chose Assignment Zero (Alexis Parker Prequel Book 1) by G.K. Parts. You can click on either the title or author to be taken to each on amazon.

Step 6. Once you're ready, it's super easy to get it! Simply click on "read for free" button under the pricing.

* you can click on each screen shot to make it bigger if you need it to.

Once you do, the next screen comes up with the confirmation that you have gotten this title

Step 7. Read your book! Double check my IMPORTANT NOTE up there ^^^^^ right before the tutorial.

Your done with your book, now what?

How to return your book:

Step 1. Open your internet browser on the device of your choosing. 

Step 2. Go to www.amazon.com

Step 3. Move your mouse pointer to the right where you see your greeting and "My Account" right below it. Click on that upside down triangle there for the drop down menu. Click on "your account" mine is in orange because I had hovered over it with my mouse pointer.

Step 4.  The next screen takes you to your over all account. Scroll down a little bit and under the little header that says "Order History". Right below that is a link that says, "View your kindle orders". Click on that.

Step 5. That will take you to the screen that says "Manage your content and devices" Make sure you're on the "content tab". Click on the triangles next to the word "ALL". On the drop down menu, click on "Borrows" Mine is grayed out because I had my mouse hovered over it.

Step 6.  Scroll through and find the title you want to return. You can see two little boxes next to the title on the right. Click on the second one under the "actions" tab.  This pops up with the book cover , information and the available actions.

Step 7. There will be a pop up that shows that will ask you for confirmation that you want to return the title. You can always go back and get it again if you like.  All your orders are saved in your account as well as copies to your email. Click yes if you wish to return it.

Then you're done! You can go back and get more of course. KU allows you to "check out" 10 titles at a time. Trust me, there is a ton to choose from too! 

I hope you have found this tutorial useful. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Happy Reading!

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