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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Review: "Between Tristan and Hannah" by Alora Kate

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This book is the second in the series, “Four Seasons” trilogy. This one takes up where the last one left off effortlessly. I so appreciated the fact that it’s from Tristan and Hannah’s point of view. Because it’s easy to forget in some cases what it’s really like for the other characters. I know that may or may not make sense. Let me see if I can correct myself a bit. When a story is told in alternate POV (Points of view) it can be really helpful. As Alora has done within this series, each chapter is dedicated to one of them. So you understand what’s going on and also she doesn’t backtrack really. Some authors have gone back after a series is over and written a book or two with the POV from the other main character. I don’t feel like that’s always successful. I often don’t have the motivation to read it either. You do end up forgetting bits and pieces of the story.

With this, having a peek into what Tristan and Hannah are feeling and their own stories compliment “From Summer and Fall” very well. Their development is critical to how the series ends. I so love that and can appreciate the dedication it took to do this. Alora succeeded in adding to the overall story in a way that keeps you captivated.

Tristan shares some of his past in this one and it helps you to understand why it is he’s waited for so much in his life. Including finding love and saying those precious words at all. With a mother who literally had her heart broken and never recovered he had to learn how to be the man of the family and take over. He had to grow up before he should have and that’s such a relatable thing for so many. Life stops suddenly and you have to figure out how to go on. Even if the ones you need the most can’t. He finds some peace with the Evans family when he becomes Falls friends. Their friendship grows immensely over the years and their dynamic is so spot on. If you’ve ever had a real deal, honest best friend you understand how deep that connection is. It’s the love we all try to find in life. In this book, Tristan still has to prove himself to Summer as she is questioning what she knows. Throughout the book Tristan struggles with really releasing whom he really is. He’s so used to being closed off so that he can refocus on what he needs to do. I found myself wondering if he will ever be able to really share it all before it’s too late. Can he give himself up to Summer totally and make sure she knows everything?

Hannah had my heart from the beginning. She has such a selfless soul really. Having to grow up on her own in many ways. She has had to help raise her brother and sister while her mother worked too much and was bitter from her past relationship. Hannah, like Tristan found solace in the Evans family. With Summer by her side, she’s been able to grow into herself and to embrace life a bit more. Now that she finally has Fall in her life as more than just a friend, she struggles to help him. To help him through his past troubles and issues. In the process, she has to help herself through it too. She wonders if she’ll ever truly get through to him and convince him how much better things would be if he would get it out. In the process too she has to deal with chaos with her brother and sister. What could be going on now? How can she fix it? Will she be able to help those she loves before she breaks too?

Alora listened to the voices in her head ( ahem, it’s her wording! Look at her bio! ) and truly brought through characters that were meant to be soul mates. You can call me crazy, but in many ways Fall and Tristan and Summer and Hannah are all soul mates to each other. Their friendships between each two duos is incredible. If you’ve ever experienced that kind of friendship with anyone, it’s unbelievable. I’m so thankful for the people that have walked into my life and not run away again! It’s wonderful to read a book that is so dedicated to love. Whether you believe in it or not, you’ll find yourself believing a little more.

I really enjoyed the whole story and seeing how they evolved as individuals and as a whole family. I laughed, I cried those ugly crying kind of tears. I think this book hit me harder than the first one emotionally because of a part of the past Fall tries to shove away but Hannah helps bring out. When he confronts all of it, I sobbed. To “hear” the other side of it broke my heart but I found a moment of clarity and understanding. I have even MORE respect for Alora as she brought out the ugly truths about a mental disorder I live with. You forget sometimes how much worse it can be for others when you’re trying to stay out of the stigma spotlight. Trust me, you’ll want to have your tissues ready for this book too.


I loved the characters even more in this book. There were parts of each one of them I could identify with and to me that makes an even better connection.

Their problems are real. They’re not the made up ones that some storytellers express in such a way that makes you see it as fake. Their feelings and troubles made them so relatable once again and you feel like you’re reading about someone you know rather than a “made up” character.

I’ll be honest and tell you I struggled with the more intense moments of the book because of my own history. So it was hard, but I’m glad I went through with it. I put this as a negative (even though it’s both) because it lets others know it may be a trigger for them. If you have mental health triggers that can be set off, be cautious. I’m not being overly dramatic here people. Every person is different!

I wanted the book to be longer. I wanted to know more about Tristan and Hannah’s family. I know, I say that all the time! What can I say, I'm a nosy bugger!

Over all, I enjoyed this immensely. Alora has quickly found her way into the top five spot of my favorite authors. Yeah, yeah, that’s not a big deal to most of the universe. But for me it is, someone who literally lives to read. I couldn’t have gotten to 192 books in seven months if I didn’t! Her writing style has a way of grabbing you and holding on. I’ll say it again, if you can bring out so many emotions in a reader, you have a fangirl for life.

Thank you Alora for letting us into the world of these amazing characters!

I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

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