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Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review: "Captive of the Hitman" by Alexis Abbott

Title: Captive of the Hitman

Author: Alexis Abbott

Format: ebook, .mobi, Kindle Fire

Series or standalone: Alexis has a series of hitman-themed books. They’re all standalone, however, this one does have crossover characters from Saved by the Outlaw.

*Note: Stolen by the Hitman as of today's date includes Saved by the Outlaw and Captive of the Hitman as a bonus. Please remember to double check the listing before purchasing.

Book Review

I can honestly say I wasn’t prepared for the first sentence in the book! Hey, not that it’s a bad thing at all. As long as you love some quick, steamy love then you’re good! Alexis also mentions in the description that it does include explicit language and swearing. There is an abundance of violence and sexy times throughout the story. Granted this should be obvious to the reader (the title for example) that the theme surrounds the story. But just in case, be prepared for sexual situations, explicit language, and violence.

Mikhail does his job and does it well. He’s swift, ruthless, dedicated and never hesitates. He’s a contracted killer who survives a rough childhood, even scarier adult life and will stop at nothing to get the job done. He never lets anyone close because if he does, then it’s more than just his life at risk. It’s the risk of someone else and a weakness that can be used against him. How many times has he seen that himself? How many times has he used that exact option against a mark? Mikhail can survive on his own, he doesn’t need the love of anyone. But does he really? What happens when his job is compromised and he goes against every single rule he has? Will he survive his latest hit?

Alicia has worked hard to get where she is. She realizes that part of her appeal is her good looks, but she works even harder to be viewed as who she really is. A strong, intelligent, dedicated woman. She’s working for a congressman who she has no idea is not only crooked but dangerous. She willing went with him to a networking party, she should be safe right? He wouldn’t put her in a position that would get her hurt right? The last thing she remembers is being given a drink or two. She wakes up a full day later with bits of fuzzy memories. She’s a man in a strange house. She recognizes nothing and is immediately on the defenses. She’s thinking she did something wrong and can’t accept what’s going on when Mikhail gives her a bit of information. Will she survive getting away from this man and getting to safety? It has to be a mistake or a joke someone is playing on her. What does she do when everything goes to hell and she realizes that she has no choice but to rely on this strange man? Will she survive it?

For the first time in his life, he hesitates. There is something about her that draws him and he knows that he can’t take her life. It’s as if they’re drawn together by fate and their new mission is to find out who set him up and why. It’s a dark and dangerous world that Alicia never expected to see. She would be completely dense to not know that shady moments make up the world just as much as the good ones. But why her? Why him? Can they do this together? Will their love be enough?

Creative adoration (positives): I loved that Alexis didn’t hold anything back. Right off the bat, you get a peek into Mikhail's mind and motivation. He’s so strong, fierce and you can’t help but see a bit of lightness in him that was sparked by Alicia. For a person who has suffered through this huge ordeal, it makes Alicia stronger and braver. Her ability to catch on quickly and fight for what she loves and believes in is incredible. Yes, she’s perceived as being all the stereotypical bimbo types. When it comes down to it, she has no qualms about fighting. Both characters are very complex and I loved them!

Creative indifference (negatives): It almost felt like the pace was a little too fast. They move around so quickly it was hard to pick up where they were sometimes or who the extra characters were.

Creative appraisal (overall): This is an awesome read! It’s not exactly what I expected and I love that. Alexis has created a story set in a world that really exists. The corruption of politics, organizations is a part of everyday life, even if we choose to ignore it. I appreciate the creative way she was able to bring it to the forefront and with interesting details. I say run out and get this one for yourself today! Full of sexy times, a hero with a light heart (deep down) and a heroine who can be just as ruthless as her lovable hero.

My star rating:

4 out of 5 stars

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