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Monday, August 22, 2016

Book Review: "Dirty Crown" by Marci Fawn

Title: Dirty Crown

Author: Marci Fawn

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle fire

Series or standalone: This is a full-length standalone novel.

* Note: Marci has generously included another book with it. Dirty Crown ends at the 50% mark.

Book Review

This book almost reminds me of a fairytale setting. Where the young prince is misunderstood and the heroine is just a “commoner” amongst the country who is looking for something interesting and fun to celebrate her recent success.

Faith is a young girl from the states who loves history. Her plan to travel for a bit takes her to England where she can indulge her curiosity. She seems like a sweet soul with a bit of spitfire! She knows what she wants out of life and will do what’s necessary in order to make her dreams come true. Can she honestly do that? What happens if this trip changes her life dramatically? Is there room in her life for love?

Edward is a young man who has been kept under the thumb of not only his Royal entourage but his mother. She knows what she wants for him and who is he to argue? He just wants to live a calm and peaceful life. He too loves history and is fascinated by his family's past. But being a royal makes it all the harder to live the life he wants to. Will his vacation time be halted and changed up? Is there any chance for a true match and love for him?

Their chance meeting brings them together and changes their paths forever. They have an unexplainable attraction that can’t be denied. They decide to travel together and learn more about each other and the countries around them. They get lost in their love together and all is ok. Finding your one and only isn’t something either of them expected to have at all. Along their happy filled days, comes the storm of a lifetime that rips them apart. It’s intriguing how it all comes together and exactly how things end.

Creative adoration (positives): I loved that there was indeed a happy ending. Marci was able to build up to some really happy and good points. The emotions she touched on for each character was wonderful and heartfelt.

Creative indifference (negatives): It seemed a little lost here and there. Like the points of intervention from one side over the other. The time period between them seeing each other again was also an odd amount of time. It makes you question to what limits were actually set up from them finding each other again.

Creative appraisal (overall): It’s a good story, but is lacking a bit. I think a little more drama would have changed it up and pushed it just a bit further. It’s a pretty quick and sweet read if you love any royal type or fairy tale type book.

My star rating: I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars

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