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Monday, August 8, 2016

Quick Read Review: "Shoot" by Kristen Flowers Megan West

Quick Read Review

I always find it a pleasant surprise and an extra treat when an author takes the time to share a bit extra of their work with their readers. Kristen is awesome in that respect! Along with this novel, she includes two novellas. The actual novel “Shoot” ends at 56%. I’m sorry I don’t exactly know the page number. I’ve yet to figure out how to change it! I also love that Kristen and Megan are right off the bat open about the content. I know, I’m a broken record with that. But it frustrates me for a few reasons. If I’m not prepared to something that may surround violence it can get me if I’m not prepared. But also it’s important to be upfront about the sexual content. That kind of stuff never bothers me. But I know how some readers can use it as a dig as to why they felt the book was “bad”. So thanks Kristen and Megan for doing that!

Shoot follows the story of Chloe as she makes the journey from the only home she’s ever known to the big bad city to follow a dream she was never even sure she had in the first place. She’s from a small farming town in the middle of Iowa and done her best to help her family. She’s always known how hard her parents have worked to give her and her siblings a decent life. It’s one of the reasons she was so comfortable in working in their shop and baking the pies to sell at the market. It’s that dedication that puts her on to the path of success.

Yes, the chance meeting of a recruiter who finds her and tells her she can be a model. She says yes and takes the chance to move and start a life of her own. She wants to provide for her family and do wonderful things for them. I loved that about her. This experience was for her and about her, but in so many ways in extension about her family. She’s the naive girl who ventures out and finds things she never expected.

For example, the totally different world of modeling. Gone are the things she once knew, where the dream for so many people was to have a family and settle down. Now here is the glamorous life of walking and talking through the excitement. Through that she meets new friends, becomes comfortable in her own skin and most of all meets a man who helps her do all of that and then some.

Brad is passionate about photography, beauty, art and sex. He surprises Chloe many times over with his wit, charm and seduction. I loved that about him, even though I held out reservation that he wasn’t going to be the man of her dreams or he would do her wrong. He knows what he wants out of life and has taken the steps to do so. Who wouldn’t want to be around someone who feels confident in doing that?

Loved (positive): I loved the strength of both main characters. When Brad told Chloe that she should never be ashamed of who she is or her love of the scenes and modeling, I was cheering for him! Because he’s right, you should be able to feel like what you do in life is about what YOU love. I think he helped her to accept her and showed her real love. I also loved that Kristen wasn’t afraid approach topics that aren’t as open to others as they should be. Or claim to be for that fact.

Not sure (negative): I would have liked to have more to the story towards the end. What happens to them, are they successful. Does her family find out the truth? What happens to the other models? I think there could for sure be room for a sequel or two more out of the characters.

Overall: I enjoyed the book for the most part. The content was done tastefully and in a way that you connect to the characters in some way, shape or form. It’s an added bonus in my opinion to have the two other novellas.

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

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