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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Quick Read Review: "Delicate Thorns" by Miranda Hardy and Ainsley Shay

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Quick Read Review 
(my definition - 20 to 150 pages)

I can honestly say this book was a little bit different than what I’m used to when it comes to vampire stories. But it’s what made me really like it! It’s so easy for storytellers to fall into the expected and it’s all around the same thing. However, Miranda and Ainsley didn’t do that.

This story follows a woman who has no clue who she is. She has no memory of how she ended up on an island in some part of the world or her own name. What she does know is, she has an incredible thirst. Not for water, but for blood. It becomes a battle of survival for her. The burning sensations, intense super hearing, super smelling, hypersensitivity overall is her nemesis. She has to feed, but could you imagine how the hell she can on an island that's void of people? She has to look to nature and the creatures that live in the forest to sate her hunger.

The opportunity to get away and get back to real land and maybe some answers comes finally. Jasmine literally jumps at the chance to get on a ship to civilization. Her journey on the ship is quite interesting.From there, once she hits land, she’s off and running. She’s determined to at least get somewhere safe.

Once she does, her journey becomes more intense. Since technically she has no humanity left in her, being able to feed her hunger shouldn’t be a big deal now, right? For her, no matter how she became a vampire, she has feelings of remorse. How does she do it then? I’m not spoiling it for you! You have to read it!

From there, the extended road she takes to settle herself back into the “real” world takes her on many stops of chaos. She finally ends up finding out the truth about who, why, when and what. She’s faced with choices she doesn’t want to have to make. Can she survive long enough to make them? To find the full truth?

Loved (positive):
I really appreciated the intensity of the opening scene of the book. It sets you up to understand her. There are a few twists that change up things, like the fact she does meet her creator. But what happens after is even more interesting! There are several strong characters in the book. I felt like they supported the whole story pretty well.

Not sure (negative): I felt like the more intimate moments could have been described better. I also would have liked to have more background on Jasmine's past and her creators. It would have given more depth to the story.

Overall: The choices she has to make seem like no big deal maybe to use mere “mortals”. For her, they are critical decisions that threaten to overtake her. I found myself wanting to try and help her figure out her path. Even though I felt there were some things that could have added to the story, I really liked it. The moments I wasn’t sure about don’t take away from the story. I want to know more about Jasmine and where this takes her. If you’re looking for a quick paranormal read that goes in a different direction than the norm, this one is for you!

My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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