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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Spotlight Author Weekend: S.H. Richardson - Q and A!

If you're not familiar with S.H. or her work, then what are you waiting for? She's created a kick-ass series that is enough to make you swoon, sweat, cry, yell, laugh and a few awwww moments!

The Scrapyard Man is releasing very soon and is the second in her Junkyard Boys series. Check out the links after the Q and A to find out how to connect, shop and find some fun!

Shani K. * If you were a super hero what would be your special power?

S.H. * Immortality

Shani K. * What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

S.H. *  Not a damn thing. Tell me a joke. This is where I challenge YOU all to go leave a joke or silly moment in her group or fan page! Tell her I sent you! ;)

Shani K. * I have to say I love the Junkyard Boys Series! I'm excited about the next book. How many do you have planned? Any spin-offs?

S.H. *  My guess is four for the original boys and then a MC spin off with Buck's old crew, and Craze of course.

Shani K. * How do you find inspiration for your story telling?

S.H. *   I'm enjoying the ride and that's all the inspiration I need.

Shani K. * What would the title of your autobiography be?

S.H. * The Old Bitch

Shani K. * Do you have a particular way you like to work? Like for me, I have to have chips or popcorn, pens, and notebooks nearby.

S.H. *  Sadly, I'm a smoker so that usually happens. I have a home office where I do all of my writing and it has all my necessities.

Shani K. * What would you say is the biggest inspiration for your writing?

S.H. * The overwhelming response from the fans, it's amazing!

Shani K. * Almost done! I promise! :) Are any of your characters in your books inspired by any "real life" people?

S.H. * Yes, all of them.

Shani K. * If Junkyard Boys was made into a movie series who would play - Range, Clover, Sebastian and Ashley?

S.H. *  The entire cast of The Vampire Diaries.

Shani K. * What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?

S.H. *  Not a damn thing I could use a good laugh. ***Challenge ya'll again!****

Shani K. * Thank you so much for supporting me and participating! You are such a rockstar! I adore you to pieces! Anything else you'd like to say to your fans?

S.H. *  Thank you so much for your support. I love you all.

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