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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Book Review: "Dirty Desire" by M. Dauphin

Title: Dirty Desire

Author: M. Dauphin

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

Series or standalone: This is a standalone book with no cliffhanger ending.

Warning: This book is meant for readers that are 18+ due to its graphic nature.

Book Review: 

“If he never ruined me, I’d never had a chance to find myself.” - Harper

My heart filled with love and understand for Harper from the first page. Being a kid that would never “fit in”, I quickly understood her anxiety over being pushed into a circle of girls that were so fake and not really themselves. How can you be yourself around people you know aren’t good for you? Luckily for her, she has Leigh. Her one and only best friend for most of their lives.

Harper is a strong, independent, talented, a bit sassy, creative and loyal person. She likes her life the way it is and doesn’t do well with change. Why mess up a good thing? So when Leigh announces that he is moving out and moving someone else in Harper so is not happy! I mean would you be? I found her reaction and the beginning interaction between her and Knox both hilarious and righteous. I can’t say I wouldn’t have said quite a few things that she said! Oh and my favorite part of the beginning when she’s talking about the plunger, I LOVED that!!! I cracked up! It’s my favorite line in the first chapter. Yup, Harper lays it out there and that’s that!

Knox is cunning, charming, determined, gifted, a little feisty and sexually charged. He knows what he wants and he makes many plans to get what he wants and then some. He’s wanted Harper for awhile now but has been trying to figure out how to make an appearance in her life. When Leigh offers up the opportunity he’s been waiting for, he jumps at it. Literally! I have an appreciation for the fact that he takes so much in stride when it comes to Harper and is not afraid of her temper or her sassy side. For him, it’s more of a change and another reason to want the woman he shouldn’t have.

Even though Harper has made a rule against anything happening with Knox, She fought it and tried so hard to not feel anything more for him than lust. It’s kind of hard to do when he’s feeling it all too knowing it has to come to an end. Good or bad, it all has to end sometime right? Throughout the whole book their attraction, the molten heat and steam could make an explosion that will leave a disaster in the aftermath. The longer they’re together, the harder it is for Knox to feel like he really will come through with his plan. A plan he realizes he can’t follow through with. The task this person put him on can’t be completed the way they want it. Can it? Can he bring the truth to her about his sudden appearance in her life, what his business really is and who the key players are? If he follows through, how hard will it break her? How hard will it break him? Will either one of them truly survive the fallout?

Creative adoration (positives): Harper and Knox’ journey is scattered, funked up a mess. it’s also one that can be as frustrating as their actions are, make for a very good book. Their love affair is uber hot, which I LOVED! Both of their “interests” are catered to well in the story and adds a bit more to all of it. The tiny twists that you don’t expect to happen are way interesting too! The supporting characters around them feed the complexity as well.

Creative indifference (negatives): I so wanted to hate Knox! Dang it! Miss M. made that impossible for me. I think that a little more of their history (family, etc.) would have made it even better.

Creative appraisal (overall): In the end, I loved this book. Miss M. yet again throws some very real and very raw realities into the spotlight. She could have easily made this a happy, over the top , sweet, sexy journey for her characters. (Let me say there is NOTHING wrong with those, I love them!) Instead, she throws at you very scary and true reality of hidden secrets and closed doors. It makes you think about how it is so much of this turmoil goes on while we’re oblivious. But in the way that Miss M. writes it, it’s clear and real. The fact that Knox and Harper come through all of it and have some semblance of normalcy both separate and together is amazing. It’s a seriously good book! Check it out!

My star rating: 5 stars

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