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Friday, September 9, 2016

Spotlight Author Weekend: H.Q. Frost

It’s the weekend! WOO HOO! We are officially past our first week of school. I thought for sure it wouldn’t end. I hate having to get up early. Have I mentioned that before? But with school going back in it means more blessed quiet! Quiet to read! Let me share even more wonderful works from a new favorite author of mine!


Spotlight Author Weekend: H.Q. Frost


I first learned of Frosty’s books when there was a discussion about a reader's views over one of the social issues that is briefly mentioned in the book. Of course me being me, I had to check it out! I talked with Frosty a bit about it and general things and picked up “What Makes a Man?” and it was a freaking hit for me. Man, oh man! If you haven’t read it yet, trust me, you MUST! I’ve said on a few different occasions how it was hard for me to write the review. No, not because I didn’t want to or found the book to be horrible. It was just hard to put into the right words how the book affected me. Yes, Ok, and because I was tearing up all the time. I admit it! You can find my review HERE.

I’m finding that H.Q. (Or Frosty as I may refer to her….) surely does not write your average swoon worthy novel from back when our Mama’s read them! She gets down to the nitty gritty of the world, the complexities of every bad/good guy all while sending you on an epic journey that will set you off on the speeding roller coaster! Expect the unexpected and prepare to have yourself lost in the magnificent worlds she creates.

Check out some of the teasers for her latest release, “What Makes a Man?”




Every action has a reaction.

First impressions don’t always tell the story in tow.

When Dom meets Nyla, it’s under dangerous, deceiving circumstances. But when the truth comes out, Nyla is certain Dom is the ‘good book’ she needs. She's convinced the pages they’ll write together will give her the happy ending she expects. They just have to make it out of the ghetto that’s been sucking the life from Dom since he can remember. He knows the man he wants to be will never develop in that city. People change everyday and Dom is determined to change for her, but there’s one thing he can’t change and it’s the one thing she can’t accept.

The world keeps turning through the choices they make and they learn the hard way that every action has a reaction.

"Everyone deserves the chance to write the pages to their own book."


Reviewers Love It!


Stephanie (from LATL Blog) I can almost not express in words how great this book is. H.Q. Frost has a knack for taking a book from the first page and grasping your attention so hard you're in a daze when it ends. For me "What makes a Man?" At the end I was screaming for more so be prepared people!

Erin: The emotion in this book is on a whole new level. If emotion was tangible, it would have been pouring off the pages like a waterfall. All the “feels”. The plot twists will throw you for a loop and have you thinking, “Did I read that right? Did that just happen?” The ending left me craving more. I really, like REALLY, need the next book yesterday. I am in a book hangover needing to know what happens. Make it happen woman!

Sandra Ely: This book had me on a roller coaster of emotions. I laughed, I cried, I swooned. This book focuses on action and reaction. Every choice has a consequence, good or bad. It's real. The characters are 3 dimensional. The writing is superb. Excellent read!

Ann: I was pulled in from the start and I was left wanting more at the end. Intense is what I would call What Makes a Man?. That's how much I loved this story. Not your typical romance novel of boy meets girl, falls in love and happily ever after. Nether the less, it's a love story that tugs at your heart strings. It a great read and H.Q. Frost captures and pulls you in with Dom and Nyla's love story.

Make sure you check out all of her other amazing works! Get your book shopping on and get some reading snacks to settle in for a binge reading weekend!


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