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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cover Reveal: "Inescapable" by Amanda Kaitlyn

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(The Shielded Heart Series)

A Contemporary Romance

by Amanda Kaitlyn
Available April 2017

Adam Black was an undefeated fighter. Everything in his life that was worth a damn he had fought for.

Everyone around him knew that he was not a man to be played with. 

A marine. 

An underground fighter.

A cop. 

He was untouchable. 

Kinsley is a hopeless 

romantic at heart. 

Her life has been an uphill battle. 

But she knew everything that had happened in her life happened for a reason. 

Kinsley thought she had it all figured out. 

Until she meets a man that is willing to shield her from the hell she has endured. 


"I won't let anything hurt you, Key. I'm going to cherish you, forever." 

As the darkness of her world threatens to push Adam away, their fight has just begun. 

Inescapable is a standalone novel with a HEA and no cheating.


Amanda Kaitlyn is an author of seductive, edgy romance. She is a hopeless romantic at heart. Books by Kristen Proby, Kelly Elliott and Stephanie Meyer have influenced her writing. One thing that inspires her is music. Country, pop, rock, Amanda enjoys it all. As a young girl, she loved fairy tales. As she grew up she realized that these stories change. Love isn’t always perfect and the fight of that love is what urges her to write the stories she does. Between the pages of her books you will find real, heartfelt romance, rugged emotion and lots of steam.


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