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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Review: "The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up The Chimney" by Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence

Book: The Day My Fart Followed Santa Up The Chimney

Author: Ben Jackson and Sam Lawrence

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle

Series or Standalone: This is the third book in the series, however it can be read as a standalone

Warning: Cuteness alert!


I know what you’re thinking. “What is with this chick and her fascination with fart books?” Yup, I’ve reviewed quite a few of them! I’ll tell you why I love them, because it’s something that everyone does and it’s normal life. I mean come on, at some time in your life you’ve found them hilarious and acceptable right? Besides the fact that I have three teens in my house, you have to have something to laugh at in life!

In this book, Timmy and Little Fart are back with a new adventure! It’s Christmas time and Timmy is super excited. Little Fart is clueless as to what it all entails so Timmy tells him all about Santa. Through out there talk, Little fart gets more and more excited! Santa would be coming soon to leave them goodies and go on with his adventure. I have to say, I’d be seriously excited too! I was curious as to how the heck Santa was going to get down that chimney, let alone Little Fart going back up it!

Little Fart does a bit of exploration and finds himself in front of Santa! As they chit chat about all things Santa related, Santa asks for Little Farts help and he accepts. Heck would you turn Santa down? I sure wouldn’t! What happens next is quite interesting and stinking cute! (yes, yes I just did that!)

Loved (positive): Once again, the lessons that are entwined with their story makes it more entertaining to me. I noticed more acceptance, love, and patience. These are things that are so important for young readers. Another thing I liked is that this one is a bit longer than the last one, and you get a little more information, lessons,etc. Santa is a figure nearly all kids enjoy, and now, Little Fart!

Not sure (negative): No negatives for me.

Overall: I loved it! Little Fart and Timmy have such a sweet connection. Their adventures make me laugh and dang it, they’re so cute! With each book they bring to light another lesson with excitement and care. Again, it’s yet another way to connect with my kids. As teens, it’s not always easy. But give me a kid book to read with them, and it’s instantly a family thing! This book is perfect for kids of any age. Yes, even those of us who have an inner child that finds so much hilarity in the passings of anything remotely ridiculous! ( Ah ha, snuck another one in there! See what I did there?) Go snag up this book and read with your kids. I know you’ll enjoy the beautiful illustrations along with the stinkin’ cuteness (Ok, that was the last one! I promise!) of these two lovable characters. Timmy and Little Fart are now my favorite characters in children's books! I look forward to the next one!

Oh and before I go, did you know they have a coloring book that associates with this book? They totally do! How cool right? I’m going to get myself one! You can find it on Amazon HERE

My star rating: 5 fartastic stars!

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