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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Review: What Breaks a Man? (Sensible Hearts 2) By H.Q. Frost

Title: What Breaks a Man?

Author: H.Q. Frost

Format: ebook, kindle, .mobi

Series or standalone:
This is the second installment of the Sensible Hearts series. You can read this as a standalone, however I strongly urge you to read the first one! What Makes a Man? Is available now!

Warning: This book is intended for mature audiences only. The subject matter may be sensitive to some readers.

The very first book of Frosty’s (I call her Frosty, because I can!) was “What Makes a Man?” and let me tell you, WOW. It took me three weeks to be able to write the review because I was so emotional over the book. That one book alone made me a fan. I couldn’t wait for the second book! She’ll tell you that myself, Erika (Check out her fan page HERE ) and a few others kept asking! Now that I’ve rambled, on to the review!

Dom is back, and he’s ready to get his life set on a better level. He has survived the hell that brought him to where he is. He’s ready to start over, make things right and stay on a good path. His heart is damaged and he knows that if he doesn’t follow through on good intentions he’s effed up. With his intentions to do good, there will always be a conflict. That’s just the way his life goes.

He never expected for Nyla to be that conflict, again. Seeing her brought up all the feeling he tries to dismiss. His heart aches for the woman he once loved and wanted to protect from the world. Their reunion is a blessing and curse wrapped up into one. They both realize how much they’ve lost, how much they mean to each other, and what is really at stake. Their love is so strong, it’s unbreakable. Or so they think…..

The path they both choose separately somehow connects together and all I can say about that is, BOOM goes the dynamite! Everything changes quickly once again. Will it all break either one of them? Will they survive this insane mess? They both find out the truth of those in their lives and where they stand. Who will stay, who will go, most importantly, who will do do ANYTHING to break Dom once and for all?

Creative adoration (positives): Let me tell you, I LOVED this freaking book so much. It’s easily become my second favorite book. For an abibliophobiac like me, that’s pretty huge. With this being the conclusion to their story, we the readers, finally get some closure and answers that were left hanging in the first book. To find out what happened to everyone involved was a HUGE positive for me. Like I said, we get answers!

Creative indifference (negatives):
The only thing I could add here is, I think it’s helpful to a reader if an author puts in the description a warning of the violence, etc. I personally knew what to expect, but others don’t. This however did NOT take away from my opinion of the book, the author or the story.

Creative appraisal (overall): Frosty put such an amazing amount of creativity in this book. I imagine it couldn’t have been easy at times to write it. It is so beautifully written and grabbed my heart, soul, tears and laughter. I love love LOVE when emotions pour out of me when I read something.

Final thoughts: I never expect it when I read the first book from an author to provoke such strong feelings from me. Which is a good thing, because with Frosty, I was a fan instantly. I yelled, cursed, cried, laughed, yelled some more and repeat! With this one it was even more. At the end of it I yelled, “effing brilliant!” and startled my daughter! This book is just...incredible. Frosty brings so much life to her characters and manipulates their stories in a way that makes you look at them differently. Dom’s character could have stayed with the stereotype of a punk kid from the wrong side of the tracks doomed to be in and out of prison for his whole life. Instead, his character speaks to you in so many ways. The same goes for Nyla as you learn she’s not the witch you thought she was. She’s not as much of a diva that she was in other moments.

This book has so many twists and turns will have you yelling “WHAT?!!!” just like I did! You’ll be messaging your friends telling them to grab this book and read it with you so you can discuss. Trust me, Erika and I did! I also might have, sort of, blown up Frosty’s PM’s on FB with many of my reactions. MIGHT have….

Seriously people, get this book and the first one. Both books hook you and grab you, and will stay with you forever. I promised Frosty I wouldn’t have any more of my Blanch Devereaux moments and have an over dramatic fainting spell moment of my own. But if it would get me another installment to their life, I’m game! Frosty, you my darling are a superstar. Thanks for sharing your amazing gift of storytelling. You’ve gained an abibliophobiac fan for life.

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