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Friday, December 2, 2016

Review: "Operation Sex Kitten (San Diego Social Scene #1)" by Tess Summers

Title: Operation Sex Kitten (San Diego Social Scene #1)

Author: Tess Summer

Format: ebook, .mobi, kindle (It is available at other retailers!)

Series or standalone: This is the first in a series but it can be read as a standalone

Bonus: You get to fall in love with a whole new set of characters!

Warning: The content is for mature audiences of 18+ due to adult situations and content.

Book Review

One of the things I love about reading is learning about new authors. To me, it never gets old! I was checking out an online event when I learned about Tess’ book. She told us a bit about it and I checked it out online. It intrigued me from the blurb alone and I snagged up this gem as fast as I could!

Ava wants what most woman do: education, love, marriage and babies. It’s a good dream to have, except when you don’t have a willing partner to help you get there. No, instead Ava is left to wonder what the heck was wrong with her thanks to the ever charming (so much sarcasm here, can you hear it?) Brad. I mean he’s such a thrilling prospect as far as husbands/lovers go right? (sarcasm is getting deep!) in the days following him breaking it off he thinks hard about how she can make things different with him. Does she make the sex hotter? What about giving into his needs more, across the board? Did she support him enough? Thanks to an always loving and attentive friend, Ava’s eyes are brought open wider than ever! Sex toys, reading about erotica, many moments of online searching for answers leads her to one final decision.

Operation Sex Kitten will commence! Ava sets out determined to meet someone that can teach her all about how to become sexier and more confident in her capabilities. In her original thought, if she can have a steamy affair AND reach the best big “O” of her life she might just win Brad back!

Before she can find any prospects for OSK, one walks through her door, literally! Their chance meeting heats up and spins into something completely unexpected. In a very short moment of time part of her goals have been met and thanks to a man who thought she was contributing to the hijinks of a few interesting characters and their friends. Who would have thought?

Travis wants what most bachelors do: to have a solid career, plenty of hot sex, good friends and no strings attached. It’s a good dream to have and a great goal if that’s what you want. But what if it’s not? What if what you want is something you’re not willing to admit? What if just once you were willing to throw your own rules out the door to have the best time of your life and then some? Travis is mixed up in all of those questions and emotions once he meets Ava and is truly enchanted by her. She’s hot, witty, incredibly smart, talented, sweet, thoughtful, sexy and of gorgeous.

What started out as a way to win back an ex, and her inner Sex Kitten has turned quickly! Now Ava has found her, she’s realizing that Brad doesn’t deserve her. Instead OSK is all about her! Go Ava, Go Ava! It’s your party Ava! She’s also managed to mix up Travis as he tries to figure his feelings and where all of this goes. Can they make it work? Who will end up mucking it up more? Who will walk in and out attempting to stir the proverbial pot of doubt? In the end, who wins and who loses?

Along their journey of self realization, indulgence, emotional turmoil and devastation many characters walk with them. Both new ones, old ones, and supporting ones. It’s interesting to see how their journey will bring them to where they truly want to be. Because when it comes to love, we all want a happily ever after.

Creative adoration (positives): I FREAKING LOVED THEM! Ava and Travis are very much just like the rest of us. Folk who look to be happy but have a whole lot of mess to maneuver around at some point. Tess has developed a set of characters (both main and supporting) that are real, relatable, endearing, and intriguing. I swear I yelled at my kindle (Poor Petunia!), cried my eyeballs out, laughed hysterically and had a few “awwwwwww!” moments. Oh and don’t forget the hot flashes! Holy granola on a gondola man! I loved that Tess was able to successfully spin their love story in a way than allowed for not only plenty of sexy time, but it wasn’t overdone in my opinion.

Creative indifference (negatives): I can’t say there was any really off moments or negatives for me. Although, can I go find Brad and you know, perhaps let my foot slip to tap some sensitive parts?

Creative appraisal (overall): This book is hot, hilarious, entertaining and truly awesome. One of the things that has me loving the book more is the time Tess took out of her day to talk to me about my thoughts on the book and answer questions. I love talking books! I have so much more respect for what so many creative souls do. Thanks Tess for wonderful read! Oh and if you don’t mind, can we have Ron’s story now? I’ll behave, I promise! ;)

My star rating: 5 sizzling hot stars!

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