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Friday, February 10, 2017

New Release: Willing Sacrifice (Willing Surrender #2) by Carrie Hogle

Willing Sacrifice
Carrie Hogle
Contemporary Romance
Available February 10th, 2017
James & Reina begin to build their life together and find a happy balance of intense love and passionate desire. They challenge, support and complete one another, each providing what the other needs.

But secrets and something menacing are lurking in the shadows.

When their relationship is challenged in ways Reina could never have imagined, and in ways James can't completely control, will they be able to weather the storm or will their fiery passion become ashes in the wind?

*Contains an Alpha male, explicit sex, light bondage, witty banter, lifelong friendships & plenty of coffee! 

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Don't forget to add Willing Surrender (Willing Surrender #1) to your TBR too!

James immediately had hotel security escort them to their car, and they were flying home. He was quiet and brooding; Reina laid a soothing hand on his arm. If she didn’t know better she’d have sworn when he looked at her there was a hint of fear in his eyes, and that scared her more than anything. She became lost in her own swirling thoughts. The night had been perfect, almost magical, and now it was tainted with shadows.
Author, Designer, Paranormal Fan, 
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Dark one moment and pink sugar the next. 
For an earth sign, I'm kind of random.

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