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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review: "Beau" by Brooklyn Taylor

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We’ve all met Beau before. Somewhere in your travels, our lifetimes or even in a story here and there. He’s a no nonsense kind of guy. He not only will tell you he’s the best, but he believes deep down to his oh so sexy nippy toes to his somewhat misogynistic brain! Yes, he does insist he is a gift to women from the heavens above and gives as good as he gets. As a Detective that enormous ego magnifies in regards to his abilities. It gives him the excuse to work alone.

Sadly, his disregard for others will bite him in that tight, pinch-able bum of his! He pushes away those who care, and creates self destruction in the aftermath. His questionable tactics of life come back to haunt him and he’s forced to make some hard decisions and face not only reality, but consequences. It’s always easier to blame miseries on something or someone else. Yet, another characteristic Beau has an abundance of!

He meets his match in a feisty, sexy, hot to trot, bad ass chick! It’s interesting what sets him hooked on her! What will come of this match? How much time will go by before the inevitable shattering of their worlds happens? Are they too much alike to make anything work? I know you’re anxious to find out!

I enjoyed this super quick read full of hot steamy chaos and a simple twist to tug your heartstrings a bit!


Super quick read with a decent balance of good, bad, sexiness and crime.


I wanted to just kick Beau in his giblets a few times. Which can go negative or positive. 
It bothered me the times where he drove intoxicated in the book. Or it was alluded to it!

4 out of 5 stars!

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