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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Review: "Eternal Soulmate (Forever #1)" By Brooklyn Taylor

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When I first read one of Brooklyn's books, I was hooked. She brought out every freaking emotion I had as I read “Finding Me”, and I needed a nap once I was done ugly crying! I have always respected and liked authors who can really get to you with some sort of feeling. Once I was done with that one, I quickly logged into my Amazon account and bought her “Forever” series. I also snagged “Beau” on my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I should have paid attention better, because that should be read after the others. I never did ask Brooklyn if that was right! ;) Note to self: Check titles in series first…….

With that bit of randomness set aside…..on to the review!

Eternal Soulmate follows the story of Ashlynn and Cooper. Two people who have kept their feelings and true selves guarded from most everyone. Separately they have experienced some of the lowest points of their lives. The question is, as they come together, will it be all ok? Will they get some peace in their lives? The truth is, it’s a little bit or a lot of both.

Ashlynn is a true survivor and has turned around the “victim” status that society uses for someone like her. A person who has had to live through trauma, especially that caused by someone else. But she’s a fighter and she fights for herself and for her mother, who hasn’t always been able to find that fight in her. She views her mother's silence over the years as a hindrance. They were abused by the man her mother married when she was very young. That experience clouded how she saw her mother in many ways. In all honesty, how could it not? Being in a similar situation, I understand that. I understand the fight you have with yourself to not give up and to go on. Ashlynn re creates her life in many ways once they are away from the source of pain.

She is at a good spot in her life when she loses her mother. She now has to learn to adjust that life and move on. But does moving on mean building more walls or tearing them down?How does she move on and try to fix her life to what her mother wished she would allow herself to have. She wanted her to find a good man to love and let that man into her heart. To not let their shared past shadow over anything positive in her life.

She has to make a trip that is already a bit hard on her. Throw in the fact she hates flying and she’s a mess. In her anxious moments, she meets Cooper and he helps her to change her focus. This chance meeting, brings them together and sets them on a path they didn’t realize they needed to be on. The path to true and real love.
Cooper too has been ok with the path his life had been on up until a few months before. His childhood was a mix of harsh reality and it made him want to help others. He chooses to become a police officer and does what it takes to stop the cycle and the violence. It becomes hard on him, he’s tired of trying to do the right thing and fight the good fight while these monsters get away with it. It’s made him jaded in some ways and what he longs to be able to change his path. He gets roped into taking a trip to escort a prisoner back to his precinct and on that trip he meets Ashlynn.

Together, they find a path together of true love and strength. Their ability to be honest with each other and build trust quickly, helps them to heal in the biggest ways possible. Ashlynn is faced with the truth of why her mother stayed, and can she handle it? Does she understand it now? Does love really make you that weak? Or is it for other reasons? For me, her being able to really see the answer, is inspiring. It makes you stop and think about why our parents do the things they do. You can look at the answer from a different view point. The answer is a good one, and it sheds some understanding on my own past. I really loved that about that one very moment. The one sentence in there where she has the epiphany, that one got me.

As they follow along their joined path, a monster from Ashlynn's past is about to make himself known. He figures he’s owed pay back and he’ll make sure she gets what he feels is coming to her. Brooklyn gives you a sneak peak into this monster's mind and his rationalizations. It is both scary and insightful in an odd way. The guy is just plain nuts. He decides to try and terrorize her and toy with her while he’s making his plans. What he doesn’t know is that, she’s stronger than she used to be.

I really loved the ending to the story. You get that HEA (Happily Ever After) you’re looking for but also a bit of poetic justice. It’s a well balanced ending that speaks a lot to me as a reader, women, parent and Survivor. Brooklyn once again shows that there is such thing as finding peace and love.

One of the things I admire so much about Brooklyn, is her ability to put into words the feelings that float in the heart. There were many times throughout the whole book that I highlighted a passage and posted to Facebook. I tease her that she must work some voodoo magic spell and pull out things that I have felt or said in the past. It’s true! There is one part when Cooper tells Ashlynn how there is nothing she can tell him that will change how he feels about her. One of the very things we’ve told our kids their entire lives is, “There is nothing you could ever say or do that would make us not love you.”. It really spoke to me and it’s a reminder that we’re not the only ones who believe in it. I love any story that can bring you to a connection with the characters. I found myself understanding Ashlynn a lot more than I expected.

I’m happy to see that the series continues with the stories of her friends. I’m curious to see how they connect and the spin that I know Brooklyn puts on their lives. This time I don’t have to be cranky at wondering what happened to them! I enjoyed the book, and it’s well written and just right amount love love, sass and steam. Another winner, winner, chicken dinner!


It spoke to me on many levels. She doesn’t shy away from the ugly truth that goes hand in hand with domestic violence.

Brooklyn gives you the point of view from both main characters and some by the supporting ones. It helps bring the point across.

It’s a love story that is written from the heart for sure. I think she puts quite a bit of her soul (no pun intended) into each book. It shows her love of storytelling.


Since I read “Beau” before I did this one (silly Shani..check next time!) I was expecting more about him in this one. There wasn’t, but I’m almost positive there is more about him in the next two.

A little more backstory on Nick and her mom would have been good too. But I think that’s a personal thing, as I’m nosy by nature!

A good read for anyone looking for a book filled with love and survival.

Note: This is #1 in the Forever Series. Check out the series order list on GoodReads HERE

Beau is novella/short story that should be read at the end of the series.

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