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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Review: "Dog Only Knows: The Word of Dog" by Belle and Terry Kaye

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From the very beginning, Belle’s story made me smile. As I was growing up, we always had a dog. When you’re young, they can be the best entertainment and the most loyal. Often times I wondered what the heck Bud, Murfee, Zeek and Zara were thinking. Especially the time Murfee decided to eat our leather couch. Oh man, I’ll never forget the yelling that went on that day. Of course, Murfee just gave us all those sad eyes that seemed to be saying, “What? You left me alone all day. What do you expect me to do? Watch t.v.?”. I have to agree with Terry on this one, every dog has a distinct personality and probably thinks along the line of Miss Belle!

In the beginning Terry refers to herself as the “translator” and Belle is the “author”. I thought this was cute and sweet. Here and there are snippets from Terry to clarify certain things or add definitions. Other than that, it’s all Belle. In all honesty, I found myself giggling and became engrossed quickly. Belle and Terry held my attention and it was a fairly quick read for me.

Throughout Miss Belle’s advice and story it made me reflect on those pets from long ago. Was Bud really rolling in the mud because he was hot, or because he wanted to torment us as he ran through the house leaving a mess? Ironically, Bud didn’t mind the baths that would later happen after his mud race of fun. I cracked up when Belle said, “Water is for drinking not for being in.”. I’m sure most of my other dogs felt that way.

Belle goes on to bring to light the many inner working of dogs and why they do things. Things like the merit of face rubs, sloppy kisses and ultimately the many faces only such a creative character can make. But, she also warns that it’s ok to let your person think they’re in control. After all, that’s what is expected right? The dog is to obey the master so to speak. Belle differs with that! She says you can be happy with the fact that they are only in control as much as you let them be. I think that statement has a lot of merit to it. After all, our beloved pets are just as spoiled as the others we love.


I think Belle and Terry did an awesome job of explaining the life of a dog and their actions.

It’s wonderful how they explain that your person is different from being an owner. Because we don’t own living things. We enjoy them and keep them safe.

It has the right bit of humor to it mixed with some educational points.


I found it frustrating that I had to flip to the footnotes for explanations throughout the book. I know that it's the way many choose to do it.

Over all, this is a cute and fun book. It gives you some ideas of what they’re thinking and planning. So be wary my friends! There is more to that look in your dog's eyes than you think!

I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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