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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review: "Curvy Seduction: Harem: A Curvy Love Serial - Part Two" by Aidy Award

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Angelina is back and ready for action. She’s decided that since she’s busting out of her shell like a baby dragon being born, she’s going to do it in style. Right away she uses her “revenge” to really really throw everyone off their game and wondering where she got her lady balls. She’s been a rich girl, society darling her whole life. When she kicked her ex out, she found out who her real friends are. The ones who claimed to be her friend quickly turned their backs with the smallest of occasional peeks over their shoulder. Angelina knows that it’s obvious what they truly think of her now but she needs to show them that they don’t matter. She does it in style too! I love her strength in this one.

With sheer determination, she concocts a plan to get herself up and over this hurdle in her life. Of course she’s been a society girl for so long she doesn’t really have any useful job skills. She’s somewhat bored and can’t figure out what she wants to do. But once the idea of an all male harem pops into her head, she can’t shake it. Gray tries to talk her out of it more times than she can count. She was so hoping it would prompt him into being honest about his feelings for her. But of course Gray is as stubborn as ever!

Once her plan is set in stone and the new harem players arrive, it’s time to kick the heat a bit higher. Holy hell does she ever! The “puppies” as Gray calls them all have unique qualities that Angelina is seeking. What she doesn’t count on is how Gray actually reacts to them and how much she cares for her little “family” now. Determined to shake things up even further, she’s decided what she wants to be when she grows up.

It’s time to start a business that she can really love, create and build. Anyone who knew Angelina before wouldn’t think she had the nerves of steel to go through with it. But she’ll be damned if anyone will stop her! She’s become proud of who she is as a person and more so as a curvy girl. She deserves some happiness in her life. Who knew that some of that would come from such a horrible situation? It’s interesting to me the choice she makes for this business too. I have to give her a fictional high five for even going after it!

In the meantime, how much further is she going to be able to push Gray? When will he just throw caution to the wind and then some? She’s frustrated in more ways than she can count with that man. He wants her to be ready for him. She wants him to be ready for her. How much longer can either one of them hold out? It will be interesting to see what happens next!

In this sequel Aidy has added to the cast of characters with some colorful attitudes and blissful moments. I think this was a wonderful addition to “Rebound”. It will be exciting to see what adventures Angelina, Gray and the Puppies will face next.


Angelina really starts to own her attitude and understanding her strength. She’s still deal with a lot though. Not many people can really pull any of the adventures off like she does, but she sure has made me giggle and think too!

Like I said, a great sequel to the first one in the series. It’s important that the stories flow seamlessly, and I think Aidy has a winning combination with this set.


Like before, I wish it was just a bit longer than it was. However, I did like where the cliffhanger left off.

I wish there was more about the harem puppies when they were introduced. But I have a feeling that we will get even more information in the near future.

This is another hilarious, steamy, awesome quick read! If you’re looking for something entertaining and sexy, grab this one up!

I give it 4 out of 5 stars!

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