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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Review: "Outlaw's Last Race" by Dallas Cole

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Surely love conquers all right? That’s what Elena has felt most of her young life. If you love someone, it’s with your whole heart and all the extra baggage that may come along. She sure hasn’t had an easy life from the get go. When she was left with her only other living relative at a tender age, she had to learn to be tough and fast. Both things that were necessary for her to help her Uncle in his shop and run his crew. The very crew that has kept her sheltered all these years is about to have some major shake up. Is it possible to go back?

Elena had a girlhood crush on Lennox once upon a long time ago. Even though she figured that she didn’t deserve his attention or even turn his head in the right direction. He was her rock when nobody else could be or would be. She was used to being treated like she was breakable or lost. Lennox didn’t do that with her. Instead he told her like he saw it and really listened. She loved him in so many different ways.

The day that tragedy strikes, their “family” is torn apart and shredded. It wasn’t a quick thing either. Suddenly accidents happen and consequences are passed down in a hurry. But is it really right? Who deems whether the punishment is right and for whom? I think that’s a fair take on things in life in general. Elena doers everything she can to patch up the wounds left by the sudden trauma. Like with any wound, it doesn’t always heal nicely.

Lennox had to pay for his own sins, and sins of others. He has had to live with a mass amount of heartbreak and hardship in previous years. There isn’t anybody who truly knows what he’s had to live through. Only two others know the truth behind the trauma. He’s had to keep the secret safe in order to just make it through and save the ones he loves the most. So he sucks it up, deals with and accepts what life has brought him.

When he is finally back into his old world in some ways, he gets hit straight on with one obstacle after another. He’s no longer looked at with care and support. He’s no longer the phenom he once was in his street racing crew days. Now he’s a reminder of what is no longer there. There will be those who will do anything they can to make him pay fully for it all. More than one that look to end it all once and for all.

As this chaos ensues, Lennox and Elena find their way back to each other. She shows such unconditional love for him, regardless of all of it. He doesn’t feel he deserves her or her love. She wants to smack him around for being a dummy. They confess their true feelings for each other and then figure out a way to make everyone happy.

Elena is so tired of fighting, hiding, and being put off. She wants to get out there and race. To have the crew go legit and to be able to do more for her makeshift family than she’s been allowed previously. Lennox is the only one she feels can get her closer to her goals. He has to learn all over again what it means to accept the good parts of someone's being. They’re both broken and trying to fix each other.

She wants to fix her crew. He has to take up with a scary crew. She has to fight for her life. He has to fight to just plain out live. She loves him more than he knows. He doesn’t want her pity. They’re a big sloppy mess mixed in with a crazy set of supporting characters.

This is a good story deep within. It has some really good messages about strength, love, and pride. There was a fair amount of steam and some action! I liked this one a lot. Dallas started out with a good foundation for this series. It will be interesting to see how things change up for all of the crew.


There are a few powerful messages with in the story if you pay attention. There are a few that will make you think and reflect.

There is a decent amount of backstory to Lennox and Elena, so it’s not difficult to figure out their connection beyond the obvious.

Plenty of hot and steamy romance! I’m always happy to have a book that can balance it out with the action and drama.


There are a few points that really slowed down for me. It dragged a little in spots, but nothing terrible.

I was frustrated by the lack of consequences for some in the story. Yes, I realize that is probably done for a reason and just be patient to see what happens in the future books. (This is the talk I give to myself EVERY TIME!)

I would have liked to know a little more about Elena’s family and their reasons for going stateside. (Yes, again I realize this might come through in future books. There’s that lecture again!)

I actually snagged the next one in the series already! The story is gripping enough to really make me want to push forward and find out more. The nosy abibliophobiac inside me demands it!

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves bad boys, down and dirty, and action. Oh and don’t forget the steam!

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

I received this book as an ARC in exchange for an honest review!

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